Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing: Portland Sirens!

Exciting news!!!

I am so proud to announce the launch of Portland Sirens, a boudoir and pinup photography service. From a friendly, intimate atmosphere to sitting down and reviewing your pictures immediately after your session, I want every person I photograph to see the beauty that I see when I look at them.

There is no judgement, sizeism, racisim, sexism, ANY -isms at Portland Sirens - we are all beautiful, and I am here to help you see that beauty in yourself.

The website is here, but you can also contact me directly at 503.866.9775 to book appointments, ask questions, etc.


  1. WOW and Congratulations! What a fantastic concept and I *loved* the words in your announcement! VERY empowering!!

    Good luck with this wonderful venture!! I hope you are wildly successful!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I believe those words wholeheartedly, and it means so much for me to be able to find a way to put that belief into action. Thank you so much for the support!


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