About Me

  • I'm a natural redhead, and I love it!! I didn't always, and I'm thankful that I do now
  • I knit, crochet and sew as often as I can find the time.
  • I love to travel, have been to Russia twice and Belarus several times, and hope to travel again soon
  • I'm married to The Beard, we're raising strong-willed Kiddo, and live with The Beard's parents.
  • I read books like a teenager eating chicken nuggets...as fast as possible.
  • I read almost the entire Twilight series, and hated it.
  • I am a terrible cook. I'm terrible at finding a good recipe, and generally it won't turn out as expected, because there's the Kristin Factor.
  • We play board games as a family rather often, and it has become a "thing" to "pull a Kristin", where you end up pulling every available tile/card/item in the draw pile in an attempt to play your turn. Most recently, I did this and still had to pass!

The Beard and the Kiddo, dancing in the Fall leaves

Me, your illustrious blog author, in my usual fun hair and chaotic house


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