Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Society's contradictions

Yesterday's post on motivation has me thinking. One of the things "Confessions of a Lipstick Queen" emphasizes is that your motivation is just that, YOURS. You don't have to admit to others what motivates you, you just have to admit it yourself.

For a lot of us, the motive behind starting a business, developing an idea, etc, is money. Money may not be the singular motive for doing so, but money is often a large, looming factor. Our society (in the US) has a very contradictory view of such things. Movies, TV and media in general villanizes (is that a word? it is now) those who are motivated by money, and portrays them as being so greedy they will do anything that will move more money into their possession. People who motivated to this extent are the vast minority, and yet due to this overarching portrayal, we as a people are ashamed if money is part of the impetus behind an action.

glam living

At the same time, money, fame and notority are all glamourized by those same media outlets, making us all wish we had hundred dollar bills to throw at shoes we sort of like. We're told that we should want to be like celebreties, athletes and socialites who have thousands at thier disposal on a daily basis, and yet we should be ashamed of ourselves for trying to make more money land in our pockets.
what's wrong with this picture?

In considering my motivation with pursuing Meanbean, I know and can accept that money is a factor. I also know that while it sounds nice to be rolling in the dough, that's not my ultimate goal.

My motivating factors:
  • working for myself 100%
  • setting my own schedule
  • being able to be home for my kiddo when we need, not just when I can get off work
  • creative freedom
  • making a name for myself in the handbag world
All of these involve money in some way, but for me, it's a by-product. Don't get me wrong, I love to see the money coming in just as much as the next person! I'm just seeing that I'm not motivated by money alone- I'm motivated by the enjoyment I squeeze out of creating things, the time spent with my family while I work, and the happiness of my customers when they receive their Meanbean and send me squealing messages of "OMG I LOVE IT"

Many of my goals are outward focused, and I'm ok with that. Even if society isn't.

What are your goals, my little beans?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Introspective Writing

Lately, I've been turning a lot of thought inward. Often, I find myself daydreaming, and my dreams seem to involve doing things for others, and enjoying their happiness as I help them. But, through talking to others, learning about vegetarianism via my girl Ester, and reading some interesting books I've come across, I find myself questioning my motivation, my intent, and my goals.

I'm reading a book that was highly reccomended by a blogger I came across, and I am fascinated by it. Titled "Confessions of a Lipstick Queen", this book is written by a woman with no business education, no MBA, no work background to build on...who went on to literally have her own lipstick empire. Coming away from just a few pages, the fires of inspiration are warming my belly. She's written her "manual" in a conversational manner, and it is NOT your run of the mill "how to start a business" manifesto that so many churn out in droves.

Rather, this book helps you to be introspective, to sit with your idea(s), to keep your motivation up when you start feeling down (it's bound to happen), and more. Not only that, but the book has lessons/exercises in it that are generic enough to work for any idea (product, business, etc), and are small, fun and little ways to dream more about your idea.

I've been working through this, and it is so much fun. It's helped to spark some great ideas for Meanbean, to remind me of how big my dream is, and to keep me motivated to work toward that dream's realization.

My little beans, what motivates you?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping Saturday - Betsey Johnson

Oh man, I adore Betsey Johnson! Her style is so outrageous and funky and amazing..and full of COLOR!! I come across her bags at Ross pretty often, but I'm often not taken enough to buy one. But, then later I regret it, and of course it's never there when I go back!
But, here are a few of my picks from Betsey's amazing collection of awesomeness.
YUM fluffy dresses!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shopping Saturday - Irregular Choice

I came across this amazing site, that has expensive, funky, AWESOME items, called Irregular Choice. The internet has made window shopping a pasttime that could rival just about anything, I swear. So...in no particular order of adoration, I present to you, the items I would love to own!

Looooove thier shoes. and OMG the bag!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dancing in the moonlight

Sewing is one of those things that I find incredibly relaxing, freeing, and rewarding. Yet, somehow I manage to forget that it makes me feel that way when I haven't done it for a while. With the big Super Secret Project (SSP), I have been doing a ton of prep work, and no actual sewing.

Last night I got the bug, and after knocking out some more SSP Prep Work, I got out the machine. I've had some curtains in the queue for a while that I'm working on for my grandma, and I've REALLY taken my time with them. to the point that it's been about a year since I started, and there's really no excuse for that except that sometimes I get lazy!

After a few false starts with extension cords not wanting to work with my sewing machine, we were in business! Working out in the living room is really nice when doing something large scale, because I have a lot more room, and I can be with my family while I work. I was able to knock out one more large curtain panel, and just have two smaller ones left, that I should be able to do tonight. She's so excited that they're finally getting done!!
My hope is to begin alternating the SSP work with Etsy shop work, so I can start providing you all with cuteness and storage again. I have some ideas brewing for some new products, and hope to introduce them sometime in early 2011.

Thank you all for your support, your patronage, and your lovely comments here on the blog. I love hearing from you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Healing Ink

I tend to be fascinated with things that don't interest others, or that might gross another person out.

I'm often the one picking up stranded worms on the sidewalks after rainstorms, trying to figure out how exactly going in through a vein in a leg during surgery gets the doctors up to the heart and able to manipulate things, etc. How It's Made - the TV show on Discovery Channel? I LIVE for the marathons...yet they simply whet my appetite, because they're often having to gloss over trade secrets. Still, it is SO interesting to learn about all the work that goes into the things we encounter in our everyday lives.

Such as skin. I doubt i'll ever see a How It's Made on skin, since we have yet to replicate the amazing process of skin creation and renewal. Yet, with the advent of my first tattoo, so began my interest in what my body would do with this new traumatic experience.

Hence, I bring you, the Evolution of the Tattoo:

Day 1 - a little red, but mostly just burning like fire
Day 2 - a little more clear, still feels like fire
Day 3
a little closer - this is the way I see it, as it faces outward - see how it looks raised? Those are the scabs that tell me it's healing properly
Day 6 - I missed some days in there, but you didn't miss much in the way of healing progress
Day 7 - for the squeamish, look away now, and DON'T click to make it bigger...
Day 7 detail - this sucker peeled like a champion - and looked hecka nasty the whole time
Day 8 - still peeling, but most of the peeling is done
Detail - the finer scabs are now starting to come up, the smooth shiny layer underneath is the healed tattoo
Day 9 - the only peeling is some very light scabs on the shading on the banner, I can finally wear long sleeves again. Stupid Oregon weather thinks it's still supposed to be cold.

I'm still babying it, washing it gently in the mornings/shower, and lotion once a day. I'll probably continue to do so until I run out of the lotion she gave me, just to be sure. This healed so incredibly well, and so beautifully...*happy sigh*

I leave you with a random artsy photo of my ink and my yarn...together in bliss.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shopping Saturday

New feature! I love window shopping, both online and in real life. So, I'll just share some of my favorite finds with you. Today is a dreamy look at splurges I'd love to indulge in.
A little window shopping has told me, I would own the following items:
Click to enjoy them bigger!
Top left: Badgley Mischka Platinum Label red silk charmeuse one shoulder dress, $404.45 on Bluefly.com
Top right: Tadashi Shoji bronze shutter pleated rosette detail gown, $244.80 on Bluefly.com
Bottom: Robert Rodriguez Black Label black silk 'Veronica' one shoulder tie detail gown, $730.99 on Bluefly.com
Guess By Marciano slingbacks $65.97
Love <3
Guess Danya Small Tote $118.00
Stop Staring Cotton Candy dress $94.95 at Daddy O's
Stop Staring Green Cocktail Swing Dress $99.95 at Daddy O's
Stop Staring 40's Two Tone Dress $84.95 at Daddy O's