Thursday, March 12, 2009

News you can use

Happy Thursday all you Meanbean readers!  Thanks for visiting
As you may have noticed, the flow of new items is paused for right now, during Lent. However, this doesn’t mean that Meanbean isn’t open!  We’re having a 25% off sale in our shop right now, and are busy getting everything in order to have our own store on MyMeanbean by Easter!! 
This is very exciting for us, and will provide you, the guest, with the best possible Meanbean experience!

We’ve also been discovering Squidoo - have you seen this site? 
 News you can use

We currently have an article up about Meanbean, and soon will have a photography how-to, some thoughts on shopping, and more personalized articles about the behind-the-scenes here at Meanbean Bags.

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