Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial

DIY Burp Cloths

Easy, and a great way to recycle!

PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial assumes a basic level of sewing ability. You need to know how to sew a straight seam, backstitch to lock your stitches, and use an iron.
Before you begin, assemble your tools:

You will need a pillow case (check thrift stores if you don’t have one you want to cut up, these were found for $0.75 each), scissors, a ruler, a sewing machine, a rotary cutter (optional), and pins (optional).

Jumbo Burp Cloth (yields two per pillowcase)

1) Fold the pillowcase. With the pillowcase lying on the table with a long edge facing you, fold it once horizontally. Your pillowcase should now look like this:

2) Take your scissors, and cut at the fold you just made, like this:
3) You now have two pieces:
4) Select the piece with only one open side, and turn it wrong side out. Sew along the open seam, backstitching at the beginning, and stopping about 2-3 inches before the corner, leaving a hole.
As in the picture below, I stopped approximately 2 inches before the corner. Backstitch again, and cut your threads.
5) Reach in the hole, and pull the right side of the pillowcase through it. I find it easiest to pull the opposite corner from the one I’m reaching through. Iron if you’d like.
As pictured, I ironed this one, but these are a gift, and no sane person will repeatedly iron a burp cloth.
6) Fold in the raw edges of the hole, and sew closed. Clip ends, and you’re done!
Above, the hole with raw edges exposed. Below, edges are folded in and ready to sew closed.
Now clip your ends and enjoy!

You’re done!!!

For your second piece, simply sew one side all the way closed, and the other as shown in step 4. Continue with tutorial as written.
I’m so proud, a little tear welled up in my eye….
Now, go on out there and recycle ratty old pillowcases into fabulous “green” burp cloths!

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