Monday, July 20, 2009


So, I’ve decided to full on tackle the clutter that makes up the house I live in. It’s all in the areas that belong to Matt and I, as we live with Matt’s parents, who are NOT clutter people at all. I wish I were more like them. Gradually, I am learning.

In this vein, I continually go through my fabric stash, trying to pare it down to what I absolutely love. Each time, I take out more and more. But I have a small pile of fabrics purchased specifically to make skirts for Little M. She ADORES circle skirts (most little girls do!), and they’re so cheap and easy to make. 

Unfortunately, my serger died a while back, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s wrong.
I called the local sewing shop today to see what it would cost. We paid $100.00 for this machine at Target (therein lies the problem, but still…) a few years ago. It will cost me $109.95 today to have it fixed. The only time I use it is for hemming Little M's skirts. It makes them incredibly fast 1 hour projects.

So now, I’ve put out the word - If you are in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, WA area, and have either serger repair knowledge, or a serger that I could borrow for a week, I would forever be in your debt. I simply want to use it to make up the skirts I have waiting in the fabric pile.

I am willing to give you collateral if you don’t trust someone to give back your rockstar serger. I have seriously awesome yarn, or I could give you a pair of hand-knit socks in exchange for your generosity.
This is my plea - if you are up for it, please leave me a comment!! Help me declutter my craft life!

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