Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organizing: My Closet

So, after a week of vacation from work (yay!) I took some time to start putting away laundry and such...and found that it's time to purge some things from my closet. Matt and I share a closet, and my half was piled with shoes against the sliding doors, and the clothes...well. The clothes will be another day!
I sat down, and started making piles. A keep pile, and a donate pile. A bonus of being as cheap as I am, is that I never feel bad about not using shoes. When I pay less than $8 for any pair, I'm fine donating them if they don't end up in regular rotation in my closet!
After separating out the shoes, I decided my heels deserve the shelf space, as I don't want the patent being dinged, the shape being crushed, or anything. Staggering the shoes in the boxes, with the toes pointing out, makes it look neat, AND like my shoes are marching out to greet me!
While putting the keepers back in my closet, I noticed that some of my longer clothes were in the way of the taller shoe shelves, so I did a quick rearrangement - all the long clothes are now in the far right of the closet, so they don't interfere!
Shoes after organization - The ones on the floor are my every day/grubby
shoes that see more action than my heels
Closet with clothes a little more orderly - clothing purge coming soon! (yes, that is a giant tutu on the far right. No, I don't know if I'll keep it yet.)
Heels marching out to meet me!
 Donate pile - found a random laptop bag that we've never used hiding in my shoes!

All the empty hangers that were hiding in with my clothes
That sure felt great, but it will feel a lot better when Matt and I go through our clothes. We just celebrated 10 years of marriage, so it's probably time for both of us to let go of those clothes that we've held onto since college (or before!). We've agreed to do it, but it will probably take a while. As you can see from my organizing posts, I have a terrible time remembering to take "before" pictures, so I might go ahead and take some shots of our closet before we start The Great Purge.
Yesterday was the kidlet's first day back to school! She's in 4th grade this year, and has several good friends in her class. Thank goodness too, she's in a new school this year, but many of her old classmates switched as well. Kidlet is on the right, and her good friend B is on the left - they had the fun surprise of learning they even get to ride the same bus!
After the bus left, Matt and I saw this lovely rainbow, and I think it's just the perfect little sign of love from God as she starts off for a new beginning at school.
 How has the new school year affected your life? Does fall make you want to clean more than spring (like me)? 

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