Friday, October 3, 2008

Featured Sellers: Essies

big clutch pink white front Featured Seller: Essies
What is your name?Esther (friends call me Essie, Esthertie)

The name of your shop, and link?
Essie’s handcraft cuteness (only in dutch at the moment)
wallie pink yellow front Featured Seller: Essies

What do you make?
Wallets, t-shirts, tanktops, keychains, litle bags, mosaic products

What drives your passion/inspires you?
People I see in the streets, products in magazines, products of other crafty people, my imagination and brightfull colors.

Do you have a favorite material to work with? Why?I love o work with cotton fabric, it’s multi-purpose. You can make so many things of it.
I also like to work with mosaic stones.lotus t shirt jade front Featured Seller: Essies

What is your favorite color?
Pink and turquoise, i love fresh and bright colors that make you cheerfull.

Do you have a gallery of works, such as a photo set on Flickr or Photobucket?
Yes, (i’m still finding out how this works)

Anywhere else we can find your products?
I’m selling my products at a crafty fair october 4th in Tilburg, The Netherlands
And I hope to sell my creations in stores in the future.

What makes your items so great?
They’re; colorfull, cute, make you happy, convenient, comfortable an fun.

Cake or death?

What is your mission?
To share my happy products with people and give them a happy feeling and a smile.
make up tasje flowers green blue dots voor Featured Seller: Essies
Please describe the space where you create (ie, sewing room, the forest, etc):
At the moment I use my big couch with a very small table in the living room.
My boyfriend is getting crazy of all the stuff on the couch and there is no room left for him .
Next month we’re moving to a big house and I get my own ’sewing room’ I’m looking forward to it.

Do you have any pets or family involved in your business?
I got one little crazy black&white cat named Skillz.
He’s not involved in my business although he wants to. He always wants to play with the buttons and sleep on the fabrics.

What is your favorite of your current products?
At the moment I love my latest wallet. It’s a small patchwork wallet with a zipper made of different fabrics in the colors yellow, pink and orange.
My preferences change every time I design and create a new product.

Anything else you’d like us to know?Every week I try to put some new creations in my shop so it stays versatile.
I hope people love my products and in the future I can put some more time in making my own products and work a litlle less for my boss

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