Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run for your life

A little update on my Get Healthy progress - I use SparkPeople for blogging about this, tracking my food and exercise, and gaining motivation and support from others. If you're wanting to get healthier and need a support network, I can't reccomend Spark enough. And it's completely, 100% FREE. How can you say no? 

First things first. I weighed in on Friday, and today I finally decided to go ahead and let myself weigh in again. I was trying to only do it once a month, but that's really hard. So for now, when the urge is super strong I will, but I will not obsess about it.

Good news! I dropped 9 tenths of a pound! I'm tracking carefully now, I've worked out every day in some way since Friday, and I'm actually being conscious of what I eat, not just total calories. Shocking...common sense works.

emoticon Let's keep this train going!

After the Shamrock Stride 5k walk last month, I knew that I wanted to work up to being a runner, but I haven't had a goal race to work toward. Now, I do.
  • Now, I plan to outrun zombies.
  • Slide in the mud.
  • Run through a pond.
  • Get dirty, wet, and thoroughly happy.

I am going to train for Run For Your Lives, a 5k zombie obstacle course. It's basically like a live video game. You have 3 "health flags" that the zombie volunteers are going for, and if you emerge with any of those left, you're ALIVE. If you lose them all, you're DEAD, but either way you get a medal and a cool shirt, and bragging rights for having done a wicked awesome zombie run.

The one by me isn't until August 4, which gives me plenty of time. My only concern is that Matt and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary (!!!!!!)  the day prior, and may be on a cruise during this time. But for now, I will train as though I'm doing that race, and we'll see what happens. I am just enamored with this idea, and I know I would have an absolute BLAST running this course.

Look out zombies, I'm going to outrun you!!    

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