Sunday, April 1, 2012

More coming soon

This week has been absolutely INSANITY, but I promise you I have a lovely mini-tutorial coming for you. I will show you how to take an outdated prom dress, make your kiddo happy AND have yourself a refashioned petticoat. All for $6 and some time at the sewing machine! (UPDATE - THE PETTICOAT TURNED OUT LIKE GARBAGE, SO NO TUTORIAL AT THIS TIME. IF/WHEN I DETERMINE A BETTER WAY TO UPCYCLE ONE, YOU'LL HEAR ABOUT IT!)

Matt is going to get some good photos of me in the petticoat so you can see how the finished product fills out your skirts. Unfortunately it's been raining like crazy, or the sun has peeked out and he hasn't been home. Hopefully we'll get that shoot in this week so I can finish the tutorial and share it with you!

In the meantime, between Timbers games (I lost my voice at tonight's game, between a poor show most of the game and TERRIBLE refs....eek) visiting family, and more, here is kiddo giving you an excellent demonstration of how I feel every day lately:

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