Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sew my word!

I have to get a picture of this for you guys....
I've said it here before, and I'll say it again:
I adore my husband
Not only is he the wonderful things I've mentioned before...he's now my Meanbean assistant!! This super secret sewing project is huge, and I'm nearing the deadline and sorta in a really big way freaking out. So far it's only been me doing all the work, and I thought I had all this time...which I DID. I don't anymore, and now I've got more to do than I should, because I love to procrastinate.

Enter Designer Hubby, aka the perfectionist. He's also a quick study, and less than 20 minutes after learning the basics of not only doing the step I needed him to help out with, but learning to sew AT ALL (he's only done hand sewing before this), he went to town.

We now have a fun, easy workflow going between us, and he's like a machine!! Last night I had to do some other things around the house that had to be done that night, and little M was extra needy for whatever reason. After dinner, with nary a word, Matt totally sat down and pumped out the rest of the bags from the stack we'd had sitting out. They're not DONE, but that step is done. This. is. huge.

Stay tuned, all will be revealed in due time :)

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