Monday, May 9, 2011

Stampin' away

This last weekend I got my nails filled, and subsequently got inspired to start experimenting now that they look nice again. May I present, my first attempt at nail stamping!
(be warned, it's messy, and now that I've blogged it, I'm taking it off and re-doing them)

Here's slightly better pictures - Pinky, ring and middle are all music scores and piano keys, index is scrolling and flowers, and thumb is dots. I added silver over each of them for a little pizzaz.

I'm going to redo them with some kind of base color under it, and I'll blog that too :) I"m using the Konad set, and Konad polish. The silver is some cheap brand from Walgreens, it's a nail art bottle with a super thin brush. A single top coat was used as well.

Do you experiment with nail art? Please link up in the comments if you do!!

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