Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The makeup post

Today's post is kind of a cop-out - just pictures of my makeup and nails lately. I've been having fun with fake eyelashes, nail art and otherwise pretending I'm a carrier of a Frilly Card. I'm pretty sure I'm not (seeing as how anti-frilly I am in most aspects), but I've found lately that PINK of all things really draws me in, and I've been enjoying taking a little extra time with those aspects.

I'm pretty proud of my eye makeup here - I ran out of navy blue liner on my left eye!! I tried for a good 5 minutes of shaking and attempting to apply on my right eye before I finally accepted that my liner had given up on life. Fortunately, I had another blue/green sparkly liner in my stash that was able to make my eyes match. Whew.

That would happen the one time I managed a nearly perfect "wing" with liquid liner too...

This last weekend, the Portland Timbers went up against the Seattle Flounders...I mean Sounders. Matt and I had already booked a trip to the coast, so we weren't able to go up to Seattle for the game, but we wore our colors around the coast and met up with other fans to watch the game at a local bar. The nice thing (aside from the lack of smoke!) about being in a bar is that we could yell and whoop and chant to our heart's content, and the staff was totally fine with it. If you're in Lincoln City, OR - BK Mullagin's (sp?) is a friendly place with good food and great service :) The 6 foot by 12 foot TV doesn't hurt either.

today's nails!! As Matt can attest, they took FOREVER to dry!! My own fault, I used a crap/thin glitter for the tips, so really had to layer it on to make the gradient effect. In the future I'll be using a fuller glitter so I don't have to have 2459827203845 layers and hours of drying ahead of me. I LOVE the end effect though!! They're ridiculously shiny, and really hard to photograph accurately. Just believe me, they're pretty :)

Kiddo is having a blast exploring nail art with me, and we'll be stamping her nails tonight with something! I think I finally have started to figure out how to be a mom to a girly girl...

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