Friday, May 6, 2011

Timbers, socks and zebras!

Earlier this week, we were notified that this week was destined to be "softball heaven" - practice Monday, games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! Crazy, I say. Normally there's a practice and two games, and that's it. Adding one more in there just made it pretty hardcore for our 8 year old girls, and last night Kiddo hit the wall. It was simply her exhaustion, but dang it exploded out of her!! After she finally fell asleep, I started thinking about the contrast between Tuesday and Wednesday's games, and why I am SO thankful we have the coach we do for Kiddo's team.

This is Kiddo's second year playing softball, and she just loves it. Her coach is the mom of one her friends, and a fabulous woman. She gives so much of her time to her community, organizing fundraisers, helping in the classroom, doing all kinds of stuff. On top of it, she coaches this team and has an older girl, so attends those games too. Coach K, I'll call her, always manages to look amazing and put together, though she doesn't think so, and is so positive with the girls. Tuesday's game took us to play against a newer team, where most of the players were first year and very small. Most of our team played last year, and even our first years have caught on very quickly. Normally this isn't an issue, but it seemed that the coaches for the other team were ALSO new to the game, and didn't even know the rules. This other coach approached Coach K and heatedly started arguing with her, in front of our teams!

It was frustrating as a parent to watch, and I felt helpless seeing Coach K's seemingly infinite patience wear thin. Thankfully, our girls were mostly unaware of the tension, and kicked butt during the entire game. After the game, Coach K got a big hug from me, and we've grabbed little times here and there to chat. She's gradually become a friend of mine over the last couple of years as our kids go to school together, and I've had the opportunity to tell her over and over again that I am so thankful she's our coach.

Coming to Wednesday's game, I had some trepidation that we'd encounter a similar coach. Not the case at all! Playing another young team, but with a very positive coach and no arguing. Amazing. It went very smoothly, we still kicked butt, and the girls went home just bushed. It's so much easier to cheer during the games when you're not restraining yourself from throttling a coach!
Lately I've been thinking about sewing again. It's literally been AGES since I sewed, probably since the completion and delivery of the Woolgirl Sock Club bags. I'm not sure what has happened, most of my crafty bug seems to have vanished, and I miss it. I miss the drive to create, to design, to see if an idea will work. I've had an idea floating in my head for a while, and now that Kiddo is older, I'm thinking she's right in the market I'd like to target. I've talked to her about my idea, she's very enthusiastic about it and sounds like she'll help me with the line. At this point I'm not going to reveal what it is, but we're working on a prototype and hopefully it pans out!
Last night, before the last game of the week, we spent 20 minutes and full on did up Kiddo's nails!

They're a flourescent purple with white tips, and zebra stripes. She showed those nails off to anyone who would stop to look :) She then told her friend B that she'd do that to her nails, and announced that she's going to start her own nail business! B looked at her and said "You're not old enough!" (B is also 8), to which kiddo breezily says "I'm old enough!!" and saunters away. B looked at me, and I just grinned and told her "Kiddo thinks she's old enough for everything!!" B giggled, and they ran off to warm up. I love little girls!!
I have wicked awesome socks that Matt gave me a while back - see?!

Very Alice in Wonderland, yes?
Speaking of lovely things Matt buys me...

Beautiful Mother's Day roses, delivered to me at the office!! I've since draped one of my blingy necklaces around it to make it super girly. One of the boys warned me not to take it to the hood LOL. Because my 10 buck necklace would be a hot item, let me tell you!!
Remember this post, where I showed you the Timbers picture we had taken as a family? Well, they used all the season ticket pictures to make a giant print for a wall in the stadium, and are now selling a poster version!

I know you can't make us out, but we're in the lower right quadrant, sort of near the end of "city". I can't wait to get the poster of this!!
I'll abruptly end this post with an inspiring, summery photo of Kiddo on the swings :)

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