Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is nearly here!

This Saturday, I had the privilege of taking a class at a local photography education facility, called NewSpace. I took the Composition Crash course, which is just a one day workshop to help us all polish our techniques and achieve the photos we aim for. At the end, we did a very interesting exercise in the perspective wide-angle gives you, versus a zoomed in shot. With a wide-angle, your perspective is more stretched out and sometimes have a cool, sweeping motion. With a zoomed in shot, to the same rough amount that you had your wide-angle shot, your perspective is "stacked", where the distance between things look much closer together than they really are.

Confused? Here's my shots, that might help you see what I'm talking about:
Not much distortion in the wide-angle shot, but the zoomed in shot definitely feels like you're so close you could touch the blades.

With the wide-angle on the single frame here, notice the distortion on the frame itself? Zooming eradicates this issue, but could be great when you wanted the distorted look.


This example is a little more difficult to see, but the frame proportions to each other are very distorted in the wide-angle, and are in correct proportion to each other in the zoomed shot.

All in all, I learned a lot while I was there, and have some new tricks and knowledge in my tool belt, which I'm totally stoked about adding into my experience. In a couple of weeks, I have the honor of shooting a local school fundraising auction, and much of what I learned on Saturday will come into play. Talk about timely!

The beginning of spring peeking around the corner always gets me so excited about photography! Want to see a bit more? My portfolio is up here on Jux.

I'm offering family sessions, kids and just because sessions now, for very reasonable prices. If you're in the Portland area, or will be, and would like to book a shoot, just send an email to klpics@hotmail.com for more info!

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