Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, hello there!

Hellooooo my lovies!!! It's been far, far too long. Wordpress says my last post was *gulp* JULY. Being that today is February 20th, I obviously dropped the blogging ball behind the couch and didn't find it until pre-Spring cleaning.

For that, I'm very sorry. If there are any of you still reading this, thanks for sticking around! I know I tend to stop following blogs that don't post after a month or two, because I like to keep things in my Google Reader as streamlined as possible. Speaking streamlined, my mother in law and I are beginning to talk about completely revamping our craft room. Right now it's a crowded, piled mess of a pit. It's stress inducing just going in there, because that room has become a catch-all for everything. There's a dead computer on a huge desk, tons of stuff shoved into the closet (it used be a bedroom), plus my knitting, spinning and sewing stuff, and her scrapbooking stuff...whew!

I've been cruising Pinterest (you can follow me here, but be warned, I LOVE Pinterest and I like to pin ALL THE THINGS) to find ideas for craft rooms that I like. In this time, I've learned a few things about my taste in decor, especially for a workroom like this:
  1. I'm much more picky than I thought
  2. I prefer streamline, minimalist, IKEA display sort of organization, than cluttered, crazy color everywhere
  3. This puts me in the minority of crafters who post pictures of their work areas
  4. I am a total snob about how I want this done

The best part? I totally haven't said anything about this to my mother in law. I honestly think she'll be good with it, especially if we can make good use of the closet space. She's a great asset to me, and is someone to whom I can bring a problem that I can't seem to work around with, and she'll take one look at it and say "ok, so you just need to do x and y, and there you have it!"

That's serious talent, the ability to break everything down to its simplest form. This is going to be an amazing asset when we take this project on headfirst. I'm thinking I'll be taking some time off work to tackle it as well - because we'll make a plan, etc...but I know for a fact that over half of the mess in that room is MINE. I'm sick of being a messy packrat, and it's time to beat this monster back into its cave.

Here are a few resources with tips and tricks that I'm reading:
How have you been, dear readers?

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