Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tailgating, the Timbers way

Here I present to you unedited, but super fun, pictures of my day tailgaiting, the Timbers way
All pictures were taken on March 12.2012, and only my laziness has prevented thier posting.
My new knitting friend Janet - she's just as cool as she looks <3

Kicking off the morning with mimosas!

My Game Day Outfit! Sadly, you can't see my petticoat in this picture, but I'm revamping it to be a bit more ostentatious =D

We did a lot of knitting
and laughing
and knitting and laughing!
knitting en masse - we were even interviewed by the local news, but only a tiny bit of the interview made it on camera, and it wasn't my bit. It was still good, but of the stuff she talked to us about, they only used the most boring parts, of course!
SO glad I got there before the big crowds arrived!!

Super big sandwich! It took 4 of us to eat it, literally


Crochet awesomeness spotted in the wilds of the Timbers Army!

My new, awesome friends <3

Sadly, this is the closest I got for player pictures


My favorite capo =D

My Father In Law, screening out the smoke

Cheering our team as they go into the locker room

Super fun glittery confetti my friend Janet made for Opening Day

Final score...Timbers 3, Philly Union...stomped.

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