Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anything Can Happen!

It's Anything Can Happen Thursday!

Bonus points if you know where I got that idea :)

The things I mentioned that are stressing me out are still hanging on, but I'm taking action to see if I remove the stress factors from my life. While I'm still having to deal with it, and it's still an issue, I don't feel powerless or helpless. God will help me through this, no matter what happens He will be with me. I have to repeat this to myself rather often, it's very easy to look sight of that fact in the situation.

In happier news, things are looking fabulous with KL Photography! I've booked a shoot in a few weeks, and I'm shooting a series I'm calling Women of Strength, featuring the fierce ladies of Portland, OR. The first installment can be seen here, but here's a little taste as well :)



  1. Wishing you all the best as you get through this rough patch in your life. And sending extra *HUGS* your way. And it is far too easy to lose sight of our faith, but I'm glad you have it to help you when you need it most.

    Your photography is gorgeous and LOVE the theme of this series!

    1. thanks so much for your kind words about my photographs! I know this rough patch will get better, so I'm trying to focus on the things that are good during this time.

  2. {Melinda} That is awesome, Kristin! I love when I see people pursuing their dreams with gusto! And I admire your choice to BELIEVE God will see you through what you are going through right now. It really is a choice. God is working on that area of belief with me in a big way right now. I know He is worthy of my trust, I just have to live everyday like I truly believe that!


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