Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Knight In Shining Armor Has A Beard

This past weekend, Matt and I went on a little trip up North, to see our beloved Timbers play against the Seattle Sounders for the Cascadia Cup. If you're not familiar, the Cascadia Cup is a regional award, competed for between Vancouver BC, Seattle WA, and Portland OR soccer teams.

Sunday was an absolute blast, even though Matt and I didn't get to ride the same buses up to the game (long story, it wasn't a big deal). We didn't win, unfortunately, and between that and very poor security tactics by CenturyLink Stadium staff and event personnel, the ride back to Portland was mostly quiet, frustrated, and filled with more drinking. We were LOUD and happy and excited on the way up, and a fair bit of alcohol was passed around the buses, but most of us just slept and tried to forget the mess we just left in Seattle.

Not our bus, but this was about what it looked like after the match. Source:

When we arrived back in Portland, I texted Matt to see about how long till his bus would arrive, as there were a total of 18 buses carrying all of us, and his had been delayed in leaving the stadium. He was about 15 minutes away at that point, so I waited around with a few people from my bus, the empty keg, and a pile of Timbers Army flags. My bus buddy went off to move her car closer, as a friend she was waiting on was riding the same bus as Matt.

I thought, considering the flags and keg were sitting there, that our bus captain would stick around until the last bus came to load the empty stuff onto. This seems logical to everyone I've talked to, but apparently he didn't seem to think that needed to happen, so he left...and now I'm alone with all this stuff, at midnight, in Portland. I don't have a problem being alone at night in the city, but this area was pretty deserted, as most people were exhausted and headed out right away.

Not where I was - Source:

So, I waited for Bus Buddy to get back, and checked in with Matt again to see where he was. He was getting there, but they weren't just down the street or anything yet.

Then, a guy from my bus walked up and started to chat with me. It was immediately obvious he was blind drunk, the man could barely hold his eyes open. I don't typically enjoy drunken company anyway, and I was already a bit uncomfortable because there were so few people around, and none nearby. He was nice, complimentary and it became apparent that he was trying to hit on me, asking about a boyfriend, etc.

When I mentioned that my husband (lots of emphasis when I said it) wouldn't take too kindly to my having a boyfriend, he backed up a bit, but continued to talk to me. He was still nice, but I was uncomfortable, and trying to figure out how to get out of the situation without leaving my camera and stuff alone on the sidewalk behind him.

Just then, the heavens opened, angels sang, a light shone down, and trumpets sounded.

there was no water. Source:
A lovely gentleman I know, with an epic beard and a killer sense of humor, named Mo, comes strolling up the sidewalk out of nowhere. He grins at me, says "hey" and comes and puts his head on my shoulder. We are acquainted just enough with each other to banter and joke, and to the drunken eye, we can seem as though we know each other more than we actually do. Mo turns then, and tells Drunk Dude he's my husband. We chat several more minutes, in which Mo throws in we've been hitched for 3 1/2 years, and remember when he told Drunk Dude he had a redheaded wife he was saving a spot in line for?

Best part of this scene? Mo didn't know what we were talking about when he came up, he simply saw how uncomfortable I was and that Drunk Dude wasn't reading body language, and intervened.

Drunk Dude eventually wandered off, Mo stayed with me and hung out, chatting util my Bus Buddy came back and Matt's bus showed up.

We all said good night, big thank yous to Mo and a hug for saving my bacon, and went our separate ways. I see him at Timbers matches on occasion, but obviously Matt and I need to get to know this guy a bit better - he's a good one. :)


  1. Phew! Big relief, thank God for sending us angels...

    1. Agreed! He's shocked I wrote about him, but you and I know how big a deal this can be :)

  2. Thank you and you're welcome. I know how uncomfortable it can be to feel cornered and worried about your safety. While I felt like the guy didn't have evil intentions, it was obvious he was too drunk for his own good and you were clearly uncomfortable. It was the least I could do for a lady who has always had a smile for me and been nothing but kind. Standing there and hanging out with a rad chick wasn't a chore or a burden. It was my pleasure to help.

    1. I agree, he certainly didn't seem to have evil intentions :) Again, I thank you for being a friend, and diffusing the situation so well!

  3. {Melinda} Oh, I like bearded guy. Glad you had someone there to be protective of you. He may not have had evil intent, but I wouldn't want to be on it -- considering the world we live in!

    1. Well yes, my guard was up, but he didn't give me that "fight or flight" gut reaction you get when someone's up to something. I do tend to think the best of people until proven otherwise, but I honestly think he was just super drunk and had ZERO boundaries because of it.

  4. Oops ... I meant "I wouldn't want to BET on it..."


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