Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Encouragement is priceless

I came across the above image on Pinterest today, and it struck a chord with me. We all need someone who knows our dreams, the biggest, scariest dreams, and who believes we can do achieve them. Yes, there are many saying out there about proving the nay-sayers wrong, and that can fuel you to a certain extent, but when it comes down to it, self-doubt is a harsh companion in my head, tagging along with my dreams and possibilities.

This got me thinking about my own dreams, the huge one of being a full-time photographer, traveling around and capturing fabulous memories and lifetimes for people. I do believe I can do it, that God is guiding me on this path of scary, crazy, huge possibilities. At the same time, it is so incredibly easy to panic in the moments leading up to meeting with a client, quoting a price, or handing over the photos from their session.

I'm not really good enough for people to trust me with this.
Who do I think I am, that people would pay good money for my work?
How can I call this work?

It goes on and on.

I am incredibly blessed to have a strong support network of people in my life, people who believe in me, who cheer me on, who remind me of why I am doing this, why I am striving for this shining star above me. Each of them has a different way of believing in me, supporting me, showing me they know I can do it.

Matt, as in so much of his life, is of a quiet, steadfast belief that I am a photographer, whether or not I think I've "earned" the title. He gently laughs at me when I tell him I'm hesitant to introduce myself as such, and simply says, "why?" This solid, unwavering belief in my ability, in what I'm doing, does incredible things for my self-esteem. He doesn't just believe I can do it, it's an accepted fact that I am a photographer, so why I would question that is beyond him.

My mom is a more vocal cheerleader, pointing out the photos she loves, making it a point to tell me how much she loves when I show her raw, unedited shots before I've culled and refined them, and most importantly, praying for me and my family, that God will continue to lead us in His will. She reads my blog (hi Mom!), is on my Facebook, and regularly goes through the KL Photography fan page, "like"-ing just about everything, and encouraging me on there as well. The constant encouragement in my ear, and in public, is a huge morale booster, and is another layer in the foundation of my belief that I must be on the right path.

A good friend, I'll call him K, is the most vocal cheerleader in my life right now. He also has the camera bug, and does a bit of videography as well, and is a good person to geek out with over gear and technical details. We've shot together once, and plan to do so again in 2013. He is a constant buzzing bug in my ear, encouraging me, sharing my excitement over upcoming opportunities, shoots, helping critique shots that aren't quite right and I can't place why that is, and all around being a great photographer friend. Just yesterday I was sharing an upcoming session with him (details to come...) and we had a little moment over Instant Messenger:

K: Kristin... i hope you know.... YOU SO DESERVE THIS! And this... is AMAZINGLY amazing to experience (like me being a 3rd party...) because it just shows that MY FRIEND... Kristin Leamy... is on her way to being something BIG in this industry!
K: Girl...
K: I am SO... SO.. SOOOOOO Proud of you
K: I mean seriously... look at me..
K: I've stopped.. I've stood still...
K: you.. you keep moving forward... be proud of yourself.
K: I've seen you go... shoot... struggle... amaze... create... with a pencil... and now your going to be given crayons... paint... a canvas... you are seriously about to paint the world 
K: its about to get REAL :)
K: kk!!! time to suck up these tears of mine (really lol) .. just know I'm proud =)
For serious, you guys

There are many people who support my dreams, encourage me in the pursuit, and all-around lift me and my family up in life, in prayer, and in everything. Every one of you is dear to me, you make a huge difference, whether you realize it or not. Your offhand comments, gentle encouragement, commiseration with things get frustrating, and more, are all invaluable.

You are invaluable.

Thank you.

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  1. You are so right. When people believe in you, it makes all the difference. It's so great that you have such supportive friends, family, and colleagues. You go, girl!


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