Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Game Day Outfit sneak peek

Here's a little peek with crummy cell phone pictures of the outfit so far. I still need a few finishing touches, but very close!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is nearly here!

This Saturday, I had the privilege of taking a class at a local photography education facility, called NewSpace. I took the Composition Crash course, which is just a one day workshop to help us all polish our techniques and achieve the photos we aim for. At the end, we did a very interesting exercise in the perspective wide-angle gives you, versus a zoomed in shot. With a wide-angle, your perspective is more stretched out and sometimes have a cool, sweeping motion. With a zoomed in shot, to the same rough amount that you had your wide-angle shot, your perspective is "stacked", where the distance between things look much closer together than they really are.

Confused? Here's my shots, that might help you see what I'm talking about:
Not much distortion in the wide-angle shot, but the zoomed in shot definitely feels like you're so close you could touch the blades.

With the wide-angle on the single frame here, notice the distortion on the frame itself? Zooming eradicates this issue, but could be great when you wanted the distorted look.


This example is a little more difficult to see, but the frame proportions to each other are very distorted in the wide-angle, and are in correct proportion to each other in the zoomed shot.

All in all, I learned a lot while I was there, and have some new tricks and knowledge in my tool belt, which I'm totally stoked about adding into my experience. In a couple of weeks, I have the honor of shooting a local school fundraising auction, and much of what I learned on Saturday will come into play. Talk about timely!

The beginning of spring peeking around the corner always gets me so excited about photography! Want to see a bit more? My portfolio is up here on Jux.

I'm offering family sessions, kids and just because sessions now, for very reasonable prices. If you're in the Portland area, or will be, and would like to book a shoot, just send an email to for more info!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts, ramblings, and crafts in progress

Today marks the beginning of Lent, the 48 days or so before Easter. Lent is often called the "40 days of Lent" or what have you, but Sundays are "feast days", and so aren't counted in those days. In the last few years I've begun observing Lent, as I do agree it is good preparation for the week before Easter, and the celebration of Easter. If you're not familiar, Lent is a season of reflection and renewed focus on Christ in your life. Many people see the outward signs of this, with sacrificing certain pleasures, etc and seeing if they can manage for the entire time period.

I read something today that was simply an opinion, but one that deeply resonated with me. The idea is not so much of giving something up, but rather it's an idea of sacrifice. Christ sacrificed his life for us, and Lent is a time to sacrifice ourselves as well, though not literally, of course. Sacrifice may be giving something up, or it may be giving of yourself MORE. For some, Lent is a time to spend every penny they would have spent at a store, on a charity or on items that are then given to those in need.

For others, it is a time of giving time itself to those who need it around them. Lent is incredibly personal, as many spiritual rituals are, and is different for everyone.
I always enjoy this time, because while I do sacrifice something, I learn a great deal about myself during that time, and I feel my faith is renewed, and fresh and joyous come Easter.

Thus ends my thoughts on Lent, at least for now. I'll probably post more as the season progresses and things pop into my addled head!


You might have noticed, the 2012 MLS season is about to begin! Saturday, March 10th is first game of the season, and Monday, March 12th is the first Timbers game of the season!! I am so very excited about it this year, having been through the first year and learned so much about the game itself. Our team line up has changed, and while I was a bit sad to see players I liked watching leave the pitch, fresh faces and tons of energy are coming with these new names!


This leads to crafting. I must have a Game Day Outfit. Yes, it also must be capitalized as well, because it is simply that important.

I don't recall how often I've spoken on here of my love of 40's and 50's American fashion, but it's there. Sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong era. I ADORE these fashions, and am creating my outfits based on this love. Game Day Outfits will be poodle skirt/sock hop inspired, and tons of fun.

I have two planned, as games span the greater length of the year, and I need one for warm and for cold weather. First up, cold weather, of course.

I have a green felt circle skirt, and bright yellow crossed axes that are waiting to be applied onto it. I have a full petticoat to go under it to give it the perfect pouf! Searching E-bay resulted in a fabulous bright yellow scarf for my hair, which will be up in a snazzy ponytail. Hubs scored me a wonderful white polo with a color, buttons, and a beautifully embroidered Timbers Army crest. I already have green knee-high Portland socks!

The final piece is the shoes. I need something comfy, but that will also go with the outfit. I still have a couple of weeks to find them, but nothing has made me swoon just yet.

The warm weather outfit is the same, except I have a lighter material for the skirt, that is a silky green and yellow swirl with glittery bits all over it. MUST HAVE GLITTER!!!

I'm sorry, I don't have pics just yet, but I will soon!

In knitting and crocheting news, I'm working on something Timbers related there as well. I can't reveal just what yet....oh but there WILL be pictures of this. It is going to be incredible. Sounds all cocky, doesn't it? It's not. It's a team effort, and I'm telling you, it's going to be SO FREAKING COOL.

Just wait lovies, it'll be so worth it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, hello there!

Hellooooo my lovies!!! It's been far, far too long. Wordpress says my last post was *gulp* JULY. Being that today is February 20th, I obviously dropped the blogging ball behind the couch and didn't find it until pre-Spring cleaning.

For that, I'm very sorry. If there are any of you still reading this, thanks for sticking around! I know I tend to stop following blogs that don't post after a month or two, because I like to keep things in my Google Reader as streamlined as possible. Speaking streamlined, my mother in law and I are beginning to talk about completely revamping our craft room. Right now it's a crowded, piled mess of a pit. It's stress inducing just going in there, because that room has become a catch-all for everything. There's a dead computer on a huge desk, tons of stuff shoved into the closet (it used be a bedroom), plus my knitting, spinning and sewing stuff, and her scrapbooking stuff...whew!

I've been cruising Pinterest (you can follow me here, but be warned, I LOVE Pinterest and I like to pin ALL THE THINGS) to find ideas for craft rooms that I like. In this time, I've learned a few things about my taste in decor, especially for a workroom like this:
  1. I'm much more picky than I thought
  2. I prefer streamline, minimalist, IKEA display sort of organization, than cluttered, crazy color everywhere
  3. This puts me in the minority of crafters who post pictures of their work areas
  4. I am a total snob about how I want this done

The best part? I totally haven't said anything about this to my mother in law. I honestly think she'll be good with it, especially if we can make good use of the closet space. She's a great asset to me, and is someone to whom I can bring a problem that I can't seem to work around with, and she'll take one look at it and say "ok, so you just need to do x and y, and there you have it!"

That's serious talent, the ability to break everything down to its simplest form. This is going to be an amazing asset when we take this project on headfirst. I'm thinking I'll be taking some time off work to tackle it as well - because we'll make a plan, etc...but I know for a fact that over half of the mess in that room is MINE. I'm sick of being a messy packrat, and it's time to beat this monster back into its cave.

Here are a few resources with tips and tricks that I'm reading:
How have you been, dear readers?