Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mmmmmmm sushi

Today I picked Little M up from school, with the potential for a mother-daughter date to go see a movie. Matt had called me earlier to let me know that a last minute sleep-over with Little M's aunt was up for grabs, and I knew she would jump at the chance. Her aunt is pregnant, and Little M is SO excited over this baby!

So, I pick her up, and find out her friends are playing after school for a bit on the playground. When we pick up our kids from school, we are essentially a long line of cars, and the teachers make sure we're a parent (you have to open your window, etc) before the kids go with us. So, we're in this long line of cars and now there's the potential for playing. So, I slowly move down the line and present Little M with plans A and B.
Plan A:
Play at the "park" at school, and have a sleepover.
Plan B:
Have a date with Mom, and have a sleepover.

Well, common sense tells you that friends beat out Mom any day of the week. So, our date is currently in limbo, but not forgotten. We parked the car, then moseyed over to the field, where there's a lovely bench for parents to kick back and observe their kids. Soon, one had to go to the bathroom, so kiddo went in with her, and soon they come back out Armloads of fish.

Apparently the library was redecorating for this year's artwork, and these painted, Styrofoam fish were being removed. The girls chose the ones they wanted (surprisingly, Little M chose a non-eye-searing one, of blue, silver and white), and other kids flocked to come choose their own fish.

On the way home, I learned that our particular fish is a "fry", and a girl, and has been bequeathed the name Sarah.
Amazing what one finds at school.
After coming home, we met said aunt for a lovely sushi dinner. I don't have pictures, but it was NUM and I stuffed myself shamelessly. Really, Honey Lime Rolls? If you're offered them, DO IT. Crab rolls with avocado on top, drizzled with lime zest and honey. I'm completely full and my mouth is watering just writing this.
Upon coming home, there was a mad flurry of this:
I plan to have an update for the shop next week, stay tuned!!

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