Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vampires, swimming, Cinderella, oh my!

Last night I had the longest, most detailed, drawn-out nightmare I've had in a long time. I really want to get this out of my system, it was so vivid and realistic that I keep flashing to it while I"m fully awake. I have had to remind myself at least 5 times so far today that -that- particular thing was in the dream, and didn't happen.

Dream starts off with my BFF Lisa and I arriving at a mutual friend's wedding. We're late, and just in time to see the bride walk down the aisle. I sit there thinking I was so thankful it wasn't Lisa's wedding (I was late to her wedding in real life, long story, but she didn't care) because it would be so embarrassing  Then, Lisa takes me to her work, which is this huge corporation, and basically gets me a job there, where all I do is shadow her all day. To get to work, however, we have to ride this huge ship to and from where ever it was we were starting from. I mean huge. So, looking over the side of the ship, I see that we're moving incredibly fast, big ship or not. To my left is a large fence/net like thing sticking out of the side of the boat, to catch fish?

There is a woman who has fallen over the side, and the people on board are literally using a crane to get her out of the roiling waters. This didn't work, and they dropped her back into the ocean! I"m watching this unfold in astonishment, as the waters end up pushing her against the fence thing, she's screaming and freaking out of course, and so they go get a rope, and literally loop it around her neck and pick her up that way. At this point, I am LOSING it, and I turned away in my dream.

To my right, on the water, is a sort of canvas sheet, attached to the boat by ropes from the four corners of the sheet. On the sheet is a large, pale man with small, fleshy horns on his head. When I look over at him, I'm instantly afraid. He turns and looks at me with super pale, creepy, blank eyes, and then turns back to his "swimming". Then he slithers off the canvas thing and swims away in the blink of an eye.

We arrive at Lisa's work, and she takes really odd precautions as we go in, walking a weaving path, avoiding doorways, etc, until we have to go in one. And there, waiting for us is the horned man. Though now, he looks more friendly, has hidden his horns somehow, and is smiling at us. Everything in my being is screaming to run, though he's given me no reason. Lisa grasps my arm tightly, and pushes past him, saying "Not now, we have to work". 

She takes me in, we sit down in a large boardroom, and I'm at the end of the table, so many people look at me. (This is something I hate in real life, but it didn't bother me too much in the dream). We did some work of sorts, then the guy appeared again. Lisa whispered to me that he's a vampire, and he's always sneaking through their halls, making people disappear, etc.

Several times I saw him lure someone over by him with simple "hey how's it going?" and an arm wrapped in a friendly fashion around the shoulders, while he directed them to a more suitable place.  I warned a little boy and his dad away, and feared repercussions later, for the rest of the dream.

Soon after, Lisa tells me, if I hadn't already noticed, that she'd completely lost her "gang" of friends. They had apparently formed a coven, and tried to get her to become a witch with them. She didn't have any desire to do so, and they quit hanging out with her altogether. Now, the vampire dude keeps hounding her, and he's charming, etc, and she's starting to like him.

Then she and I go to a pool to go swimming, and we take another odd path, as close to the wall as possible with no doors, and if vampire dude swims in (he appears out of nowhere, and moves super fast), we move to the opposite side of the pool and get out, taking our wall path to get away.

Later, I was in a huge library. I don't remember much of this except there were a ton of huge staircases of lovely wooden flooring, and I had Little M with me. Then we were in a mall, and I hear a good friend of mine behind me, and I turn around and announce "Iiiiiiit's Erin!" and Erin, grown woman that she is, is wearing a sailor style top, and circle skirt. The skirt was halfway tucked into the waistband, and she hadn't notice, so I fixed it for her.

At this point, vampire dude manages to get Little M away from me, and like in a video game, I see her "meter" go from "Human" to "Vampire" in a matter of seconds.
I'm terribly sad, but only for a minute because now I have people from Lisa's company asking me where the Cinderella room is, as they can't find it and they have a meeting rightthissecond there. I show them how to get there, all the doors have plaques on them with the various names.
I wake up just as the vampire guy has slipped his arm around me, and I had decided to stop fighting and just let him do his thing.

During the ENTIRE dream, I moved SO slowly. My legs felt like lead, my arms were shaking and I couldn't really raise them, and at any point when others were running, I could not, even if my life depended on it.

So, today I'm having some really odd dream flashes, and still have this shaky, panicky feeling that Little M's a vampire, something's happened to her, or there's a guy shadowing me.

Can anyone relate? I know at least one other person whose dreams stick with her long after waking. I would love to hear your experiences and know that I'm not alone.

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