Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Big Reveal

For a while now, I've hinted at this huge project that was going on for months, that I couldn't talk about. I can finally tell you, and even better, SHOW YOU what it was now!!

This post is mega picture heavy, so be warned!!

After many fun, funny and friendly emails, Jen from Woolgirl and I had a partnership! An Alice in Wonderland partnership, to be exact. For the next few months, my life revolved around Woolgirl bags, and the Belarus trip.

May I present the pictorial story of the Cheshire Cat Bag and how it came to be?

The beginning
All the supplies in hand!
The two above pictures represent the BIGGEST shopping spree I have ever gone on. Woolgirl provided the special Alice fabric, and I went from meeting with her to the fabric store to buy 250 zippers, and enough interfacing to last me months.
250 templates later...
As you might have guessed, I was slated to make 250 of these bags, for the Woolgirl Alice in Wonderland sock club for 2010.
Fused pieces, ready for assembly
I gathered my thread and labels...
Made sure to have plenty of pins...
and made the first tester bag!
The rest of the bags had the text facing the correct way! This is why we make tester bags :)
Isn't this fabric just so cute together?? The lining is simply text of the various names of characters in the story, with small line drawings to accompany some of them.
Onward! 250 zippers attached
The handsome sewing assistant I "hired"
The pile begins to grow...
And finally...
Many months later...
See the crazed look in my eye? The look of a woman high on the adrenaline of being DONE!
DONE! Complete with remaining fabric in the center
More crazy seamstress photos!
Reclining with my bevy of bags
To celebrate?
We kind of devoured them
After the drop off/coffee date with Jen of WoolGirl, that was that for me :)
Then, the postman dropped off a package for me, about a month later. What could it be?
Cheshire Cat Kit
She sent me one of the kits!! Isn't that yarn gorgeous?? It's self striping, and I haven't used it yet, but I am hoping to make myself some rockin' socks out of it. The kit came with a pattern, the yarn, the Meanbean bag, another tiny little adorable pouch, a handmade CLAY stitch marker in the shape of the Cheshire Cat that's less than a 1/2" tall, and more. It was a very impressive, fun kit to receive, and I am so honored that Jen thought to send me one.
I had such fun making all these bags for your WoolGirl fans, Jen, and I look forward to working with you again! What a BLAST!

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