Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black & White Wednesdays - Running

On the way to the gym
I'm in training mode right now, as I have a race coming up on the 28th. It's only a 5k (3.1 miles), but it's an obstacle, wet, muddy, foam race!! Check it out here. I've always loved running, but I've never been a distance runner, only short sprints. I've also always adored obstacle courses.

I remember in elementary school we had field days where we had a full day outside doing all sorts of fun activities. One of which was an obstacle course on a track. I would have run that course most of the day if they'd let me, but they only let us run it twice each field day. TWICE. I still hold some bitterness from that, apparently!!

So, when I signed up for the races I'm doing this summer, I determined I am going to run the extent of them. I started slowly, and in March began with a 5k walk. I've been in and out of the gym and on the street since, working up to running the full 3 miles. My endurance is almost there, and I have a week and a half to this next race. The adrenaline that comes during a race makes me think this will be one that I can run! I love how running feels like flying to me. No matter what's going on, how cluttered or messed up your head is...running clears it up and after a few minutes you're only focused on moving forward and breathing.

Today, on the treadmill, I was zoning out and listening to my workout mix. Normally it's a good background to whatever I'm thinking about, etc, but today was different. Today the music was my motivation, it affected my pace noticeably, and when certain songs came on, I wanted to be this girl:

Alas, I lack the confidence to do this, but man I wanted to! Today was a boogie kind of day for me. Topping it off? I ran more of my 3 miles than I have before!

Black and White Wednesday

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  1. Hi Kristin,

    I thought for a moment we might have done the same race, but then I realized that you could be anywhere in the world and that you are talking about THIS month and not last month...sheesh.

    I did the Warrior Dash last month. My first race. I am a non-runner, really. 44 and just getting into shape after several years of couch potatoing. This last year we joined a gym and I never looked back. It's a good thing. I did the race last month, but still not a runner much. After the race, I let it go because I was going to do a bike thing next. Still might, but I haven't picked up the bike yet. Maybe this weekend? lol... It's a constant battle.

    Anyway, my first visit. Found you on the SITS Girls page. Nice to meet you!


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