Tuesday, July 10, 2012


One day I randomly came across this lovely photography blog, Selfie Magic, and I've been enjoying reading through the archives and learning little tips and tricks. The writer of the blog is a former model, and gives little tips and tricks that help, especially with facial expression, to make your pictures look a bit more like WOW and less like "oh, there's that person...again."

I attempted to take a serious self-portrait or two outside in the sun yesterday. This one ended up being my favorite, even though I look thoroughly ticked off!

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Go on, ask me that once more.

Today, I wanted to do something different. A couple of friends had great suggestions for themes, which I love and plan to use later, but I didn't have time or energy in this heat to set them up. I totally winged it when I got home, and while my first idea didn't pan out...my second did!

(c) 2012 Kristin Leamy Photography & LivingFierce.blogspot.com All Rights Reserved
Oh dear, I'm running amok...again!

If you're interested in cloning yourself as well, check out the post I used to make this on Selfie Magic.

Sadly, she's not posting on the photo blog anymore at this point, as she's had her baby. She's definitely still posting, though, on her personal blog. 

Self portraits are a ton of fun, and definitely an art unto themselves. If you're wanting to start taking some, but need inspiration, one need look no further than Flickr. There are many, many groups on Flickr for self-portraits, and lots of inspiration. For a higher percentage of high-quality work, simply search "self portrait" on 500px.com to see truly sensational work. I find 500px very, very inspiring, and it has become my go-to site when I have a very hazy idea for a shoot. I nearly always find pictures with bits and pieces that I want to cobble together into my own shoot, and they're always incredibly well done.

What inspires you?

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