Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running for my life

I've been trying to outrun my depression. It's nipping at my heels, but I've been training, and I plan to keep out of its deadly claws. I have begun my Scripture Journal studies, starting in Genesis, and so much of my topic focus has been on creation. I really enjoy the school work aspect of this type of study, and I think it will work well to help cement my learning.

Over the weekend I ran a muddy, crazy obstacle course 5k, and came home completely wiped out, bruised, and super excited about the one I'm doing in September.

Only a month away.


I was so unprepared for this first one...and now I've decided my goal is to be one of the top three finishers at the next race. I'm not all that fast. I'm not a marathoner. I'm not any of these things. But my goal is to be a top finisher.

Impossible? No.

Probable? Not really.

Am I going for it anyway? You betcha.

The adrenaline and sense of accomplishment these races give me far outlasts anything I've done. I feel like, with each race, each goal attempted, I'm edging a tiny bit further ahead of the depression monster.

You cannot have me, Depression. I belong to Someone Else.


  1. Goal setting is wonderful! Keep believing in yourself!

    1. Thank you! Goals definitely help keep me motivated :)


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