Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Things Tuesday

Ten things that are currently on my mind:

1) Alfred Hitchcock Presents is on Netflix!

2) I'm feeling the knitting bug again

3) My partner and I ran last night for the first time after the Warrior Dash, and what a difference a 2 week break makes!

4) I want purple and teal hair

5) I might grow out my bangs, just for kicks

6) These thoughts make me feel shallow

7) Kiddo is ahead in her homework studies which makes me very proud

8) I'm a little hesitant to use my camera because I think my sensor is dying

9) We have WAY too much junk. Sitting here on my bed seeing it all makes me want to just get a dumpster and toss everything.

10) Reading is cool.


  1. Fun! I haven't knitted in so long I'm not sure I can even remember how to cast-on. Now I've got something new on my mind! :) -Lisa

    1. I tend to go in phases, and it's back! I picked up a shawl I'm making for kiddo, finally...and I'm past the halfway point already!

  2. #9? I did exactly that a couple weekends ago with our bedroom. It was LIBERATING. But now the rest of my house feels like it needs it, too.... and I haven't started another room bc the thought is dibilitatingly overwhelming.

    And yes, I did just make that word up bc I needed it, dammit. =)

    1. Man yeah, I wish I could. We just have our entire lives stuffed into this one room, and with my luck I'd toss something precious/priceless.


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