Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quinoa For You, Quinoa For Me

I don't cook often, and when I do, it's selfish cooking. Last night was just such an endeavor - quinoa for my lunches!!

Quinoa salad!
This is light, refreshing, with delicious texture and quite filling. All I did was cook an entire box of quinoa in chicken stock for about 15 minutes. I chopped some tomatoes and cucumber to toss in when I'm ready to eat it, and set aside some Parmesan cheese to top it. Then I got out my skillet and "wilted" some spinach in water and butter. I cooked about 2 cups of spinach, which cooks down into a very small amount, just enough for two days' worth of salad.

Here at work I warmed up the quinoa with a sprinkle of Parmesan for about 30 seconds, then tossed in the cucumber, tomato and spinach. It's delicious, the cucumber gives it a great crunch, and aside from the chicken stock, it's a "clean" meal. I just need to find a recipe to make my own clean chicken stock, and this is a perfect meal.

If you're not familiar with quinoa, it's small grain that packs in the protein, similar to beans. Combined with veggies, you have a great meal that gets all the things you need into your belly!

BONUS - my ridiculously picky 9 year old LOVES this. I will be sharing it with her after school today.

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  1. HOW did you get a 9 year old to like this? 9 year olds are crazy; I've got one of those, too. But quinoa is delightful- I will be trying this concoction.


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