Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cleaning Frenzy

Every so often, I get a wild hair to go through and clean, overhaul, re-organize and completely turn everything upside down in our living quarters.  Recently I had this happen, as the floor of our bedroom had become insanely crowded, to the point that there was quite literally only a path through our room.

Shortly after I began working on boxing everything up to be sorted later (nothing like the GET IT OUT OF MY SIGHT NOOOWWW! plan), we realized that we need to be working on another room in the house, as we have family visiting over the holidays that will need sleeping quarters. This room is what I like to call The Pit, aka the craft room. Being that 2 of us are crafters, of the variety that greatly enjoy amassing tiny bits that we hold onto "just in case", there's...a bit of a mess.

I took some progress pictures today, as a great deal of progress was indeed had! I'm tired, and there's still a significant amount to do, but check it out:

The bins on the right in the After photo are going in a closet for the time being. The dresser is filled with fabric, notions, and yarn.

What you can't really see in the Before picture above is that there was a desk against that wall, and a ton of paper crafting items that were moved to another location.

I'm so proud of this one. The angle is only slightly different in the two images, and the distance is approximately the same. I had SO MUCH crammed into this corner. So much better now.

This is only half the room! The other half I plan to tackle tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it knocked out, because I really detest when projects like this end up being drawn out over days and days. Two days is enough, thank you very much!

I just finished a glass of wine, a tasty, fabulous, well-earned glass that just happened to be served (to myself, by myself) with a side of sea salt dark chocolate. Wow, the service in this place is pretty fantastic, even if they make you work for the goods.


  1. Oh, wow! You did a great job with this! And you're inspiring me to tackle my own organization at home. I've kind of let things slide and my work desk is piled high with papers. It drives me NUTS!

    Hope you had a very happy weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Charlotte! As you get more and more room to work, and see your progress expanding in front of you it gets easier. Starting is so hard for me, because it has to get messier before it gets better. It does get better, though! :)

  2. It looks AMAZING! :) You did an amazing job...I have GOT to do my desk. It is a hellhole, and it makes me totally stressed. You have inspired me! :)-Ashley

    1. Ashley, believe me I understand that feeling. That corner with the giant black thing in the "Before" picture? There's a desk/table under there that was my sewing table. I'm sure you can probably take a decent guess how long it's been since the table has actually been used for its intended purpose! ;)


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