Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Sometimes life is overwhelming. It's easy to feel overwhelmed in our own lives, but the weight is quite another thing when it's the lives of loved ones that overwhelm you.

 A dear friend came home to find the front door of her new house had been attacked. Someone tried to kick it in, and thankfully it held strong. Her two dogs are ok, and we suspect they drove the burglars away. 

Another dear friend is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, and his sweet family has caught the flu bug that's going around. Thier entire family is weighed down with life right now. 

Still another close friend is going through a serious emotional roller coaster with medical issues in her family. Death is an all-too-real possibility, and distance makes it so much more difficult. 

I look at these lives around me and I wonder why.  Why are we out through these things? I've read that God meets us in suffering, and perhaps that's why? Sometimes it's the only way we will allow Him in? I don't know. We have a big God, this I know, but I also know this does little to ease the fear, pain, and violation my loved ones are experiencing. 

As I lift them up in prayer each day, I ask that He shows Matt and I how we can be there for our friends. We feel so very helpless, but we know there must be something we can do to stand with our loved ones in thier times of need. 

Today, that something is bringing BBQ to the sick family. Tomorrow? Who knows what tomorrow holds? One day at a time, one step at a time. 


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that people you love are going through such hard times and struggles. I'll pray for them, too! You are a sweet friend to support them and try to find ways to help out. They are lucky to have you! --Lisa

  2. It is difficult to not know how to help our friends in those times when really, there is nothing it seems we can do. What we can do doesn't feel like "enough". How wise you are to pray and ask for guidance. It is those things like bringing dinner that give each other the strength to go another day. Just knowing we are loved. I appreciate your concern for others :)

  3. It does seem like hard times are all around. Bringing dinner to your friends -- and just being there for them! -- means so much more than you know. Thanks for the reminder to find something funny to send to my aunt who's going through cancer treatment right now. She lives far away but she loves seeing cute videos of my kids.


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