Sunday, December 15, 2013

Still More Cleaning

In my previous post, I shared the progress of one half of the room we've been cleaning. Now, oh now....NOW we're done with the room!!

Check this craziness out, folks:

Shockingly, there was actually a bit of room in there to move around. Not that you can tell in these photos!!!

The Before was taken at the beginning of December. We had a looming deadline in order to get this in shipshape, because we have two weekends at the end of the month where people are not only visiting, but staying with us! Today, we find ourselves with a room that looks NOTHING like it did previously.

The big reveal after the jump

Spare room in daylight!
This evening, we moved the bed in and set up a night table and more:

In the words of kiddo, "It's like a hotel!!"

Today, I cleaned even more. This is truly feeling like a binge, and it feels fan-freaking-tastic!!

Full Disclosure: I've kept this vanity clean for two solid weeks now. I'm pretty sure Matt attempts to thwart me on a regular basis, but it's amazing how easy it is to keep things clean once they're actually already clean!

That's my very own customized Ugly Christmas Sweater in the mirror. Needs more lights.

Then, I turned to my right and BOOM.

Dudes, toilets get gross. GAH ROSS. I can't don't want to know.

We actually have a adorable monkey face one. But it too was nasty and went into the wash.
This bathroom was bad. B to the ad. I described it to a few friends (the ones that appreciate my need for validation of my cleaning abilities) as something frat boys would use to initiate new pledges.

For this reason, I have spared you all from the torture of a Before shot.

I'm still working on our bedroom and the level of crazy there is rather overwhelming too. I'm determined, however, because it feels SO unbelievable when it's done and you can just breathe in a space that was so constricting previously. I need that in our bedroom. We spend so much time in that room, it just needs to happen.

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  1. Isn't it crazy how much easier it is to keep things clean when they are already clean??!! I say that every single time my home is clean and then I revert to clutter and filth. It is an endless cycle!-Ashley


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