Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My new Erin Condren planner!

I'm back! :)

After a refreshing weekend at the Oregon Coast, it seems someone hit the Fast Forward button on my life!! A whirlwind of catching up at work after getting a little behind while I daydreamed about the beach, family gatherings, basketball practices and games, making time to just be with Matt, and oh yeah, sleep - all awaited my return.

As I posted previously, I also recently decided to get a paper planner and get back to putting pen to paper to keep my life in order. As you can see from the above, I kind of need it! I ordered an Erin Condren Life Planner, which arrived on Saturday, and I've been enjoying savoring the little bits of planning I do as I go through my days.

I can't have my planner be UNsparkled...fixed that right quick!

I'm working on a "dashboard" just inside the cover. Just a convenient spot to keep my sticky notes!

Instead of a birthdays and anniversaries list, since I'm marking those in the monthly spreads, this will be my Gratitude Journal
This week...so far. Since taking this picture, stickers, more to-dos and a sticky note have made their way on here

Bacon washi...because BACON!

My savings plan, back in the Notes section of my planner.

The awesome zipper pouch at the back of the planner. Currently holding all my stickers and some sticky flags that won't stick to my dashboard. 

So! I love my happy colorful planner, and I am carrying it everywhere with me so I keep getting glimpses of happy peeking out of my purse! I really think this was a great investment, and will help keep the myriad of activities going on in our lives straight.

If you want a fun planner of your own, click my link at the bottom of the post for $10 off your first order!! (Disclosure: this post is NOT sponsored by ErinCondren.com or anyone else...I just love my planner and want to share the love!)

I've got the organizing bug in a BAD way, and this planner really helps me feel together, and like I can map out a decent plan of attack to the chaos in our lives. I've been having a blast using Pinterest to gather ideas for what I want to do when we have our place, along with ideas of how I can work with the space we're currently in.

Here are a couple of my favorite pins:

I've already dropped into our local Dollar Tree and picked up some fun bright green stacking bins to try the under cabinet storage for our bathroom vanity. It's a total mess down there, I'm excited to take care of it!!! I'm excited to try the sheet folding trick, I long for our linen closet to be neat and tidy again.

What is your favorite organization tip or trick?

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  1. Fabulous! Love how organized it is! And I love your emergency fund plan plus the directions to send it to the anniversary fund! That is awesome! Welcome back! :)-Ashley

    1. Isn't it fun Ashley? It's really helping me feel organized in my life outside of the originally anticipated topics I was planning to use it for. The emergency fund thing is part of a kind of snowball like savings plan that I have going on, and when I've reached one goal, the paycheck contributions then roll over into the next bucket :) I'm so excited to get started on it, my next payday is the first deposit!

  2. You planner is awesome! I wonder if I can use that coupon to buy a planner for next year? Also -- is the cover plastic or it is a clear plastic cover with the design on cardstock underneath? I got a slightly cheaper but similar planner on etsy, and I spilled coffee on it (of course) so my cover is stained now. =(

    1. Thanks Sarah! You totally can use the coupon! It's just a first order discount, and is good whenever you decide to order. I heard that in June they release 18 month planners, and you can choose the month your planner starts in. The cover is a stiff, laminated cardstock, and is laminated on both sides. The back cover is laminated as well, and it protects really well. I'm sorry about your planner! Isn't it always Murphy and his stupid law, especially with the things we want to last, oh, a year or so?

  3. I'm a very electronic person but I think that I could get down with one of these planners. My hand writing is awful so I usually prefer to type.

    I typically get bit by the organization bug in spring too. I love to purge and rid myself of winter clutter. I love Pinterest for those "why didn't I think of that?!" organization projects. I'm a Container Store fan girl but most of their stuff, sadly, is out of my budget.


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