Sunday, February 9, 2014

Newest fixation

I am a person for whom a new interest takes over and sometimes turns into a short-term fixation or obsession. My OCD certainly plays a part in that, but I also think having the Internet at our fingertips (and being snowed in for days on end) allows for a gluttonous amount of research in a short period of time.

Case in point: I visited a fellow SITS blogger's post on Saturday, and ended up falling down a rabbit hole. I could blame her, but really? It's not her fault that she posted a fabulous, inspiring post that makes me want to join the ranks of Erin Condren Life Planner users!

Having read that post yesterday (or Friday? My days are quite muddled together at this point!), I've since been Googling reviews of EC planners, looking at alternatives (there are definitely lots of choices out there, but this particular planner looks like it fits my needs), and watching videos of EC users showing how they use their planners. Aside from the decorating aspect that comes with any planner, the way these planners are laid out seems very useful to me, and a few small changes would make it into something that I would carry and use daily.

For this girl with a collection of journals (mostly not filled...OK mostly not used) and a fascination with planners who has never found The Perfect Planner, I'm going to give this one a shot.

The personalization options are fun, you can request color changes (PURPLE!) on the vast design choices you have, AND the biggest bonus to me is the fact that when you order, you can specify the starting month of the planner.

For example, it's currently February, so when I was playing around with having one in my cart, I had the option of having it start in February, March or April of this year. I think you always have that three hour window, and it's brilliant. I never remember to pick up a planner at the end of one year/beginning of a new year. The ability to start this planner at any point in the year is a huge bonus to me.

I haven't bought one yet, but I made a Pinterest board to collect my ideas of how I'm going to be using it, and I already found a few washi tape rolls on Etsy that I want for my specific themes (Photography, Blogging and Health).

Oh dear....and here I thought maybe blogging about it would help me climb out of the rabbit hole!

P.S.  Remember that OCD I mentioned? I just peeked at my Pinterest boards, and for some reason they're no longer in alphabetical order, even though I spent over an hour doing that the other day! ACK!


  1. OMG... I found EC planners a bit before New Year's and the same thing happened to me. I finally ended up purchasing a similar planner from an Etsy seller called Plum Paper Designs. I haven't used a paper planner in years, but it's actually working pretty well for me. (Although I wish it was just a tiny bit smaller to fit better in my purse.) I use mine similarly to Brittany, with the month view for blog stuff and weekly for my own stuff.

    1. I looked at the Plum Paper Designs planners too, they're cute! I honestly feel like I need the extra pages included in the EC planners, so at least for this year, I'm pretty sure I'm going to try the EC life planner.

    2. There's a 40% off deal going on right now...

    3. Hi Sarah, and thank you for the tip! I actually had a $10 off coupon that I used instead, as I don't need the gift labels that you have to buy for the 40% off deal :) If you'd like $10 off, you can click my referral code and it'll be emailed right to you! :)

  2. So genius that you can start it as last as April. Nothing worse than finding a great planner halfway through the year!-Ashley

    1. Agreed! Though I did realize it still only goes to December, but I'm ok with that because it's only February. If this works out as well as I think it will, I'll be ordering a new one in time for the New Year, and won't have to worry about a starting month :) If you decide you want to check it out, I have a referral link that will get you $10 off your first purchase (doesn't have to be a planner!) and it will go straight to your email! - Thanks for stopping by Ashley! :)


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