Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Getaway

After a week of craziness, between the snow days, preteen cabin fever and scrambling to catch up after the snow left, I'm a bit pooped! I stopped by our local library to get some new reading material since I knew I'd be going to bed early for a few days as I caught myself up as well. 

I've waffled a long time on whether to give the Doctor Who books a try, as I'm madly in love with the series, and I would be so so so disappointed if the books were awful.

Happily, this one isn't! I feel immersed in the fantastic world of Doctor Who when I read it, and I feel that it could be a 3 part episode or so. It's fun and well-written while still capturing the personality that David Tennant gave to the 10th Doctor. 

Then...I noticed the cover:

Well played, local library, well played.

Just before the snow hit, Kiddo was invited to a friend's birthday last weekend, with a 50's Hollywood Glamour theme...right up this mom's alley!! This was a gateway to introducing her to Audrey Hepburn....and well...

$5 at Salvation Army and a couple of accessories later, we have a mini Audrey in our house! The party was delayed to this weekend, thankfully, and while I won't be home tonight to help her do her hair (more on that in a moment), I demonstrated for Matt last night, and set out all the supplies he'll need. Hopefully he's able to recreate it for her!

In our wanderings through the Salvation Army, I spotted this beauty of a coat rack and umbrella stand. Growing up, my parents used to have one like this (but sturdier) on the landing of our split entry home. I actually miss having that, but there's nowhere in our current home for a coat stand. When I moved closer to the stand, I couldn't believe it...only $7.99!

I snapped this pic and texted it over to my dad.... "You can have a piece of your past for only $7.99!!" He totally got a kick out of that! :)

So, the reason I won't be here for party prep is because I'm headed off for our annual Girl's Weekend, in which I and three friends nip off to the Oregon Coast for a beautiful, peaceful, mostly unplugged retreat. 

This year I mixed it up a little and actually saved up beforehand, then went to the bank and pulled out my savings in CASH. This envelope has post-its on each section of cash and what it's for. I feel so prepared!!

Speaking of feeling prepared, I have a couple of fun vodkas, and junk food. Why no, I didn't spend any formative time in Russia...why do you ask?

Then of course, is the project that I'm taking. This year is a year of blankets, it would seem. So, I'm taking my beachy colored blanket that's super fun, and I'm hoping to get a big chunk of it done. Progress is slow on this because I've only worked on it on my breaks at the office, but I'm loving it.

Well, loving it except for one thing. Bobbles.

Bloody freaking bobbles.

They can go die in a fire. 

Stupid bobbles.

Anywho! See you lovelies early next week when I'm back! :)

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  1. Have a wonderful trip! I went on a girls' beach trip last weekend. They are just the best thing ever--totally relaxing and fun. It's just so nice to be responsible for nobody in the world but yourself every now and then!! Love the Audrey costume (so chic!) --Lisa

    1. Thank you! It was unreal how nice it was to answer to no one. I'm sad that I'm already back :(

  2. I don't think I realized you were a crocheter! I love that blanket, very cute. Your girls weekend sounds sooooo fun. Have an awesome time!

    1. Thanks Sarah! The blanket is the Multi-Stitch Blanket or something along those lines, by another blogger. It's really fun, except for the *grumble grumble* bobbles, and I'm loving the mini-surprise of seeing what's next! :)


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