Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow day fun

Yesterday and today our area was hit with snow and wind. Many of you from locations outside of the Northwestern part of the US might giggle at our reactions here, but we only get any snow on the ground about every 4 years. Most of us are not prepared for any kind of slickness on the streets of our town aside from rain, and even the smallest hills become big obstacles for drivers like myself.

Thankfully, my boss was very understanding and allowed us to leave for home early. Even leaving at 2:15 in the afternoon, traffic was pretty snarled, and it took about twice as long to get home. Thankfully, I only lost traction a few times, for only an inch or two before my tires would grab again, and arrived home without incident. Happily, I don't have to take freeways to get to or from work, so I was able to bypass that parking lot and take surface streets.

Today we were blessed with even MORE snow, and kiddo and I braved the wind to head to the park down the street for some photos. I was excited, because it was her idea and I wanted to do some but hadn't wanted to ask her to go out in the crazy wind that drive snowflakes into our faces. She was totally game, and we got some fun photos!

Warming herself on my coat, and kind of shielding herself from the wind

This girl was even willing to stand in the wind while it whipped her hair around her face!

Blizzard! Only not really, but it felt like it!

We finally came home after 15 very long minutes, and warmed up with hot cocoa and marshmallows. After a fairly relaxing afternoon, we are now cozied up on the couch as a family, complete with delicious blankets, watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. It's been so fun seeing bits of Russia, that I miss so much, and wishing I could be there for this momentous event. Kiddo is having fun staying up WAY past her bedtime, and we're hoping the Olympic torch is lit soon. It's currently 10:57PM, and so far, no torch! Boo.

Ripply goodness!

Tonight I finally gave into the itch, and started the fabulous Lucy's Neat Ripple Blanket. Mine will only have red, white and black in it, and will probably become a Portland Thorns themed blanket. I love having blankets going, and especially ones like this ripple, that grow so quickly and are fun without requiring vast amounts of concentration.

*Yawn* I certainly hope you're enjoying your night, and staying cozy wherever life finds you!


  1. Snow days are fun! We had 2 here last week except we had to come into wok. It was a tad scary sliding around all over the road. Nothing like a life or death situation at 7am, ha! I'm stopping by from SITS. I hope you have a great Saturday!

    1. Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by!! I'm thankful I have an understanding boss, and I didn't have to try to go to work on Friday. There were so many crashes and abandoned cars these last few days, it's scary!! I hope you're having a great Saturday too...we're sitting here watching another 7 inches come down ;)


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