Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy birthday to the love of my life

See that handsome man on the right, in the killer vest and yellow shirt combo? That's the style master I married. If this were a better quality picture, you might notice the green hair, black nails, and glitter.

14 years later, he's even more does that happen??

One of the things that attracted me to him is Matt's ability to hold a lengthy, intelligent, awesome conversation on nearly any topic. We used to talk for hours after school at the bus stop, and my mom eventually got me a pager (remember those?) so she could make me come home when she started freaking out.

This is pretty much how Matt is. Goofy, fun and happy. Who wouldn't want to be around a guy like that?

We were the odd couple in high school, the one other kids made fun of, gently calling us "the old married couple" etc. We still bicker like that, and yet...even high school we talked about having kids, parenting ideas, etc. This man is the most incredible father anyone could ask for, and I am blessed to be the one standing by his side, parenting with him to our beautiful daughter.

Matt has always had the strongest convictions of right and wrong of anyone I've ever met. The shirt he's wearing in this picture is one of those convictions - To Write Love On Her Arms is something you may have seen me mention here on the blog. Matt introduced me to this amazing organization of suicide prevention. They have helped countless people who had lost all hope, those who think there's nowhere to turn, who think they're worthless, who think no one loves them. This organization reaches out, and gives love to anyone and everyone. We spread the word about this as much as possible, but Matt especially, as I'm the shy one of our duo :)

Matt loves his family with all his heart. Even though he sat on his sister and broke her collarbone when they were little, things are fine now and they love each other like nothing else. And now that Casey's about to have a baby, and Matt helped name him (he suggested Tiberius as the middle name, and thus, geek out name was born, without it being horrible), he's very excited to be an uncle.
There is nothing this man wouldn't do for his family.

He gives the best hugs in the world. Little M's are a very close second. I could hug Matt until I die. I would die a happy woman.

Matt has always loved kids, always always always. I've always liked kids too, but my candle of like next to his roaring fire of love... LOL This is Justin, a boy who has been in Matt's life for years, the son of very close friends of the family. Justin is nearing adulthood now, and yet, this picture encapsulates the relationship that he and Matt still have. They're both men, yet they're not afraid to be silly and goof off, especially with each other. Matt has had a huge influence in Justin's life, and I am so happy to be here to see it unfold.

One of my favorite memories from years past...playing Chubby Bunny with the extended family at Thanksgiving each year. Matt's about 17 here, and I believe he won the contest. Never played Chubby Bunny? First you need a sense of humor and the inability to be embarassed. Then, a bag or three of jumbo marshmallows. Now, everyone who's playing lines up, and you go down the line, placing one marshmallow in your mouth, and say "Chubby bunny". as you reach the end of the line, start again at the beginning, adding another marshmallow....the person who has the most in their mouth and can still say "Chubby bunny" without losing any wins the game!

all in all, a wonderful 14 years I've spent with this man, my best friend, keeper of confidences, champion of the downtrodden, love of my life, stylish artist with an impossible memory...
My husband, Matt.

Happy birthday my love.

I will love you until the end of time.

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