Friday, February 19, 2010


Silly readers, you probably thought I didn't knit anymore, since there's been hardly anything in the way of knitting updates.

You, silly reader, were wrong!

I haven't been knitting a great deal until recently, then suddenly, I caught the bug again. In 7 days, from cast on, to bind off, I made this beauty (ravelry link):

I love it, and I wear it nearly every day..with my t-shirts and hoodies and jeans. That's how I a knittin' fool.

Now that the shawl's done, I was able to cast on for my Ravelympics hat. Jared Flood's Koolhaas Hat, which I'm so in love with. I"m using StitchJone's Dyepot Worsted in the color Bliss. I ADORE this color, and this hat will be mine, ONLY MINE! Because, in case you didn't see the button in the side bar, I"m a Selfish Knitter :)

This last picture is from today. I'm nearly to the decreases at the crown, which means I"m nearly done! I'm not pissed off, though I look like it in this picture...I tend to look mean in pictures when I'm makeup-less!
Aside from that, I have the following on the needles, waiting for me to get around to finishing them (all links are Ravelry links, sorry if you're not a member!):
A blanket (for someone who might read this blog, so that's where I leave the info): approximately 50% complete, including the final assembly

Endpaper Mitts (for me, my first colorwork project): 50% complete, just one mitt to do! These go quickly, I just need to pick it back up:

Jaywalker socks (for me, I ADORE this color): halfway done, plus a little more. I'm partway into the second sock, but I get bored easily, as this list attests, and so I put it down for a while:

Hanami Stole (not sure who this one will be for yet, that remains to be seen): I'm down to the last 1/3 of this...really I just got bored with the beads I'd decided to do, so I set it aside. This should go quickly once I pick it up again:

Entomology Shawl (probably for me, not totally sure): Somewhere around 50% done, I got bored, honestly. hopefully I'll pick this up again soon, it will be stunning when complete.

I don't have any pictures of it, but I'm also working on a mindless blanket. I often take it places with me, and our cat has (lovingly, I'm sure) added his own touch of kneading it so various loops have been pulled as well. It's going to be for someone in my family who will appreciate the touches the cat has added, so I'm not worried. It's a very simple blanket, made from the Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth pattern, only instead of stopping the increases at 44 stitches, I simply keep going until it's to my liking, then I start decreasing :)
Easy knitting that I don't even have to look at my hands for!

Once I finish the hat, what project should I pick up?

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