Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My teef! My teef!

One day, a cute little girl went to Target with her dad and grandma. They sat and ate at the Target Cafe, enjoying hot dogs, Icees, and Oreos. Because they were an incredibly healthy family. After they finished, dad leads them over to the kids' section, where the cute little girl finds some things to try on.
Being 7 and fully independent, she goes into the fitting room alone, and grandma waits around outside. After a while though, cute little girl doesn't reappear.
Grandma goes to see if she needs help, and is admitted into cute little girl's dressing room, where she finds an amusing sight.

Cute little girl is standing in front of the mirror, naked except for panties (though she was just trying on a shirt), with her mouth wide open, fingers inside, prying at her teeth.

She turns to grandma, eyes wide, and says, "Grandma, I have HOLES IN MY TEETH!" and proceeds to point out all the dark spots on her teeth.

Cute little girl brushes her teeth twice a day, and is supervised every time in order to prevent such a scenario.

This is the reason that grandma did the following two things:

1) she laughed

2) she reached over and scraped some of the 'holes' off, as it was simply residual Oreos from the earlier noshing

At least cute little girl knows to be panicked should she see such a site in her mouth!

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