Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope in a chest

When you hear the phrase "hope chest", do you think back to the days of Little House on the Prairie? The times of the past where women's hopes were pinned on finding a man, and having that perfect little home for him?

Mine do! But, I also think there's nothing wrong with that, things like that are where the tradition of hope chests began. While I can't imagine my little nurturing daughter ever NOT being married, I also don't see that as a goal in life. It never was for me, and I'm glad, because that ensures that I didn't just settle when I "settled down", because I wasn't just checking something off my to-do list. I can't ever see Little M settling for anything less than AWESOME either, she's so headstrong it'll take a special someone to hold her attention and heart :)

In that vein, I've been seriously considering beginning a hope chest for her. Not in the hopes of marriage, but the hope of the future, of a life filled with love and family, whether or not she joins someone else's. This will be a chest filled with heirlooms, some made by me, some purchased, some handed down. Things to fill her house and turn it into a home, one that she will love to come home to, and be proud to use her things in.

This is not something that was done for me, which is completely fine, but something I would really like to do for Little M. I've compiled quite a list of lacy shawls (Ravelry link), etc to make for her and put away, in case she one day DOES get married. Even then, she may not decide to use any of them, and that's OK. They can be handed down, used as decor, etc.

I've also been thinking about making her some embroidered towels for the kitchen, some lacy-edged far that's it. Small, linen type items that are also useful. I want this to be pretty, but practical. I certainly don't want her chest to be filled with things she's afraid to use, for fear of "messing" it up.

Were you given a hope chest? Are you doing something like this for your child? What did you receive, or what are you putting away?

Please don't think this is limited to girls, many people have done it for boys too! I've read of including
a simple tool kit, which is BRILLIANT, along with various other things which would depend on the taste of the child (candlesticks, quilts, etc)

What would you put in a hope chest?

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