Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh happy Friday

I don't know about you...but sometimes, even Fridays can really suck for me. NOT THIS ONE!!

We had a fun day at work (once in a blue moon, so I treasure that), and it just got better from there.

Forgive me, but these picture essay style posts are too fun, so I'm going to continue for a bit :)

A little back-story: KG, a coworker of mine, recently bought a new car. I know how I felt about my car when it was new, and so when he started parking it out front, where he could see it from his desk, I figured I'd help him out a bit. I now park near him, usually only one space over, or sometimes, I miss the mark and end up straddling two spaces. Today, I decided to see if I could straddle two spaces while NOT making it look accidental. We decided the parking job + sun = photo shoot time...

After leaving work in my hot little ride, I had about an hour before I'd need to pick little M up from a friend's house. So, I headed to a nearby park. I went straight for this:

and sat there with my knitting, braving the wind (much colder than it first felt like it would be...), and soaking up some of this rare thing:

Amazing...we had SUN today! As I was walking back to my car, I noticed the bright clear sun, gave me one of these, which are usually not so substantial in our cloudy, overcast city:

Next to my car was a little overgrowth full of dandelions, blowing in the wind. Between the sun on them, and the wind making them dance, I just had to snap a picture. That's when I noticed my little buddy, braving the cold for his first taste of Spring!

On the way home, I did a fair bit of this, though this series of shots was taken when the car was stopped, thankyouverymuch:

To my surprise, when I got inside our house, I found that I had not one, but TWO packages awaiting me! I hadn't expected either one, so it was a fun mail day for me :) First, I had a box from VocalPoint, a company that gets samples to consumers so we'll try stuff out and talk it up. This was a full sized bottle of a new Pantene shampoo:

I have yet to try it, but I'm sure I'll love it...because I love all Pantene products LOL
The other, was a mysterious package, that was from Got Friends? (Which is a reference to a Ravelry swap I'm in):

The package was heavy, and kind of stiff...I almost thought there was a book in it, but's not big enough for a book, is it?

well, let's peek inside...

Well that sure looks fun, and colorful! So, I pull everything out. I know I'm an adult, all that jazz...but I am NO GOOD at taking my time with presents. Once I'm allowed the reveal of a surprise, I am all over that like white on rice, or green on grass. YOU CANNOT STOP ME!

So, I find THIS note on the light pink tissue wrapped item:

In case you can't read it, it says:
I've been peeking at your queue - it looks like you could really use this! (I hope you don't already have it...)

Well heck, now I HAVE to see what's in there...

Y'all, my secret partner sent me a full on pattern book! it's brand spanking new...and no, I do not have it. I had been considering ordering it from Amazon, but hadn't gotten around to it. GAH! I showed my non-knitting mother in law, and she totally thinks it's cute. I just hope my creations turn out as cute as the ones pictured!

All in all, a lovely package:

A lovely set of "rub ons" for making cards and what not, and that flowered rectangle on the lower right? That's a notebook with an elastic band to keep it closed! She also included a tiny little Mary Engelbreit card (how did you know, partner? we LOVE M.E. in our house...), which let me know that this is NOT the only package!!

Oh secret pal, you spoil me so! I would be happy with just this, it's perfect! Thank you so much, whoever you are. You were the icing to my cake of a Friday :)

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