Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh my, you Macarena'd my heart

If you've read this blog for any length of time, or know me, you've probably figured out that I'm dizzy in love with Matt, the hubby. What you may not know, is how long I've been drunk in love with him.

This year will mark 8 years of marriage. That's a lot to most people, but this year is FINALLY the year where we've been married longer than we dated. That's right, this couple right here dated for 7 years before our wedding. We were high school sweethearts, on and off through college (that's all me, and another story for another day), and so on.

Since we're high school sweethearts, we have a TON of dirt on each other. Today, due to the lovely randomness of my iPod, a long lost memory was brought back, and I'm here to share it with all of you fine Internet folks.
  • Circa 1996
  • Bad hair, but we haven't realized it yet
  • Evening time at the high school "commons" where dances were held
  • Valentine's Day Sadie Hawkins dance
  • Theme: Pajama Dance (go figure)
Scene:Matt, myself, Rachel (bff to this day), Joel, and a handful of other people who I don't remember; sort of dancing, mostly talking and goofing around in a less crowded area of the dance floor

The Macarena comes on. You know, the one the VP danced to, that has simple hand movements and is stupid and catchy all at once. Well, Rachel and I start busting it out, because

a) we're high schoolers,

b) we're giddy with being at a dance with cute boys, and

c) it's a fun way to goof off and generally not look horrifically stupid.

We tire of dancing along and singing along about halfway through....we're milling around again, and suddenly, out of nowhere, it happens.

Rachel reaches over to Matt, who has moved near the rail of this slightly elevated area, essentially putting himself on display, were anyone looking.

And she pantsed him.

To his knees.

He was able to grab and yank the pj pants back up in time that I don't think hardly anyone saw....but that stands as one of my favorite memories of being with him and my friends. He, of course, had the good nature to laugh it off, even though he wasn't happy she'd done it.

The night was topped off with the two of us dancing to Savage Garden and Sublime, and he sang the Sublime song into my ear!!

Which reminds me of another fond memory that I will share another day...

I tell you, Internet, I married one heck of an amazing man.

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