Thursday, March 11, 2010

So about last night...

As I posted, I spent approximately an hour yesterday at the gym. Our gym has this cool "women only" area located off the women's locker very few people actually see you work out, etc.

For people who are self-conscious, like me, that's important, and pretty much the only place I do my workout. It's a lovely room, with two walls of windows, one of which faces a pretty garden they've planted next to the building. The other faces the parking lot, and for me offers lots of fun people-watching.

Yesterday was the epitome of such experiences for me.

I'm on the StairMaster thing (Brutal Mistress is the other name for it, I saw it next to the Enter key),

kind of spacing out so I'm not focusing on my legs burning. I notice a movement outside, and focus on it. It's a man I've been halfway watching, because he's been dinking around at his car for the past few minutes. It's a big SUV/truck thing, and he's got the front door and the back door on the driver's side open, and he keeps going back and forth between them, but doesn't appear to be doing anything.

When his movement caught my eye, I looked over in time to see him drop his pants, take them off completely (I was treated to a little butt in man-undies there too), and put his jeans on. He'd obviously been working out, based on his clothing, and there's changing rooms for men and I can't fathom why on earth the parking lot was his choice for changing.

Funnier than this? As his butt became pants-less, a mom and her two kids pulled into a parking spot about 5 spaces down from him. I kept watching back and forth, wondering when the you know what would hit the fan. But...they didn't appear to notice.

I had my own, privately public, peep show at the gym.

And people wonder why the gym draws people in.

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