Monday, June 28, 2010

Introspective Writing

Lately, I've been turning a lot of thought inward. Often, I find myself daydreaming, and my dreams seem to involve doing things for others, and enjoying their happiness as I help them. But, through talking to others, learning about vegetarianism via my girl Ester, and reading some interesting books I've come across, I find myself questioning my motivation, my intent, and my goals.

I'm reading a book that was highly reccomended by a blogger I came across, and I am fascinated by it. Titled "Confessions of a Lipstick Queen", this book is written by a woman with no business education, no MBA, no work background to build on...who went on to literally have her own lipstick empire. Coming away from just a few pages, the fires of inspiration are warming my belly. She's written her "manual" in a conversational manner, and it is NOT your run of the mill "how to start a business" manifesto that so many churn out in droves.

Rather, this book helps you to be introspective, to sit with your idea(s), to keep your motivation up when you start feeling down (it's bound to happen), and more. Not only that, but the book has lessons/exercises in it that are generic enough to work for any idea (product, business, etc), and are small, fun and little ways to dream more about your idea.

I've been working through this, and it is so much fun. It's helped to spark some great ideas for Meanbean, to remind me of how big my dream is, and to keep me motivated to work toward that dream's realization.

My little beans, what motivates you?

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