Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Society's contradictions

Yesterday's post on motivation has me thinking. One of the things "Confessions of a Lipstick Queen" emphasizes is that your motivation is just that, YOURS. You don't have to admit to others what motivates you, you just have to admit it yourself.

For a lot of us, the motive behind starting a business, developing an idea, etc, is money. Money may not be the singular motive for doing so, but money is often a large, looming factor. Our society (in the US) has a very contradictory view of such things. Movies, TV and media in general villanizes (is that a word? it is now) those who are motivated by money, and portrays them as being so greedy they will do anything that will move more money into their possession. People who motivated to this extent are the vast minority, and yet due to this overarching portrayal, we as a people are ashamed if money is part of the impetus behind an action.

glam living

At the same time, money, fame and notority are all glamourized by those same media outlets, making us all wish we had hundred dollar bills to throw at shoes we sort of like. We're told that we should want to be like celebreties, athletes and socialites who have thousands at thier disposal on a daily basis, and yet we should be ashamed of ourselves for trying to make more money land in our pockets.
what's wrong with this picture?

In considering my motivation with pursuing Meanbean, I know and can accept that money is a factor. I also know that while it sounds nice to be rolling in the dough, that's not my ultimate goal.

My motivating factors:
  • working for myself 100%
  • setting my own schedule
  • being able to be home for my kiddo when we need, not just when I can get off work
  • creative freedom
  • making a name for myself in the handbag world
All of these involve money in some way, but for me, it's a by-product. Don't get me wrong, I love to see the money coming in just as much as the next person! I'm just seeing that I'm not motivated by money alone- I'm motivated by the enjoyment I squeeze out of creating things, the time spent with my family while I work, and the happiness of my customers when they receive their Meanbean and send me squealing messages of "OMG I LOVE IT"

Many of my goals are outward focused, and I'm ok with that. Even if society isn't.

What are your goals, my little beans?

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