Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Healing Ink

I tend to be fascinated with things that don't interest others, or that might gross another person out.

I'm often the one picking up stranded worms on the sidewalks after rainstorms, trying to figure out how exactly going in through a vein in a leg during surgery gets the doctors up to the heart and able to manipulate things, etc. How It's Made - the TV show on Discovery Channel? I LIVE for the marathons...yet they simply whet my appetite, because they're often having to gloss over trade secrets. Still, it is SO interesting to learn about all the work that goes into the things we encounter in our everyday lives.

Such as skin. I doubt i'll ever see a How It's Made on skin, since we have yet to replicate the amazing process of skin creation and renewal. Yet, with the advent of my first tattoo, so began my interest in what my body would do with this new traumatic experience.

Hence, I bring you, the Evolution of the Tattoo:

Day 1 - a little red, but mostly just burning like fire
Day 2 - a little more clear, still feels like fire
Day 3
a little closer - this is the way I see it, as it faces outward - see how it looks raised? Those are the scabs that tell me it's healing properly
Day 6 - I missed some days in there, but you didn't miss much in the way of healing progress
Day 7 - for the squeamish, look away now, and DON'T click to make it bigger...
Day 7 detail - this sucker peeled like a champion - and looked hecka nasty the whole time
Day 8 - still peeling, but most of the peeling is done
Detail - the finer scabs are now starting to come up, the smooth shiny layer underneath is the healed tattoo
Day 9 - the only peeling is some very light scabs on the shading on the banner, I can finally wear long sleeves again. Stupid Oregon weather thinks it's still supposed to be cold.

I'm still babying it, washing it gently in the mornings/shower, and lotion once a day. I'll probably continue to do so until I run out of the lotion she gave me, just to be sure. This healed so incredibly well, and so beautifully...*happy sigh*

I leave you with a random artsy photo of my ink and my yarn...together in bliss.

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