Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bling, babies and boobs

Prepare yourselves, this is a long one!
First (and probably most important, at least to me) is bling!! I went shopping on Tuesday, having a hankering for some shiny stuff. I still want more, but I'm trying to pace myself so I don't drown in piles of rhinestones.
ohhh shiny
I stopped by the Guess outlet by my house, which has THREE walls of bags!! In the middle of that is super trendy jewelry, sunglasses, watches and shoes. Sexy, sexy shoes. *drools a little* I'm on a mission for the perfect bag, and so pored over the walls of bags, and found a few cute ones, but nothing that said TAKE ME HOME TODAY! so I left empty handed. I got the impression that the counter chick was judging me and finding me lacking as well, from the way I was treated when I asked a simple question. In an empty store, no less! I'd understand being a bit snippy if she was helping someone else or was swamped...but she was organizing hangers, and barely had time to wave her hand in the general direction of the possibility of a few more bags.
Oh well, maybe it's in my head, it just seemed rude.
oh shiny
After that, I sauntered over to Claire's, harbinger of all things tween, sparkly and spectacularly ostentatious and awesome. Finding a full wall of bling, I kind of stopped and stared, trying to take it all in. My ONLY complaint with Claire's is the headband should never cost $14 just because there's some rhinestones on it. However, I scored this awesome bracelet that I've been wearing since I left the store!
My new shiny bracelet
Isn't it awesome? This picture actually includes one I got at another shop, called Rue 21, Etc. I think it's a Forever21 outlet, but I'm not sure. LOVE that shop, and found a BIG gemstone cuff bracelet there, that I'm wearing with the smaller Claire's bracelet here.
While checking out the clearance rack at Claire's, I discovered this great find for TWO DOLLARS:
My new teal fedora
Can't wait to wear it with one of my 40's dresses...there's a bow on the other side with studs guessed it! Sparkly rhinestones. I'm such a magpie.
To counter the bling...
pink underthings
pink and lace :)

Over the weekend my sis in law, her hubby, and the adorable nephew Logan came over. gotta have baby pictures!!
baby logan
Look at those lashes!! This boy is going to be a heartbreaker.
Oh wait, more shopping!
knit picks lace yarn in teal
Isn't is just yummy? I bought 5 skeins to make a lightweight summer cardigan, and spent less than $25. For once, I can make a sweater for about the same as they go for in the store!! If I'd gone with any other yarn company, it would have been $50+, and I'm not willing or able to do that. This yarn is destined to be a Barb Wire cardigan (it's on Ravelry). So cute!!
I'm sure you're curious why boobs are in the title. Besides the amazing Google search hits that will result from this (I'm interested to see if the numerous "bling" references will tie in with "boobs" at some point), there's a legitmate reason for it.
I want to take this opportunity to warn my relatives - THIS INVOLVES MY BOOBS, SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO STOP READING. CONSIDER THIS FAIR WARNING.
Ok, now that it's just you and me, I'll let you in on a little secret...
I've lost a little weight. Not a ton, but enough to make me happy with my progress. The best part?
My boobs haven't shrunk!! They're still at a size I'm happy with, though I'm sure they'll shrink along this weight loss journey. See that cute shirt? It's a size small, and has sat in my closet for at least two years. When I last tried it on after Matt brought it home for me, I couldn't get it over my boobs/armpit area. Now I can comfortably wear it, but it'll be more comfy as I lose more inches.
I recently learned how to play around with a few new to me Photoshop tools..and here's the "new" me:
photoshop version of me
Totally changed my face with a few nudges, and gave myself some big hair to go with it. It makes me a little creeped out to look at myself like this...

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