Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Impressive marriage

Kiddo quip of the day (yesterday)

We're walking along in the Party Store, her favorite shop, waiting for her turn to get her hair cut. We meander through the wedding stuffs, and she asks what "anniversary" means. After I explained, Kiddo asks how long Matt and I have been married.

Me: "oh, this year will be our 9th anniversary!" thinking she might be impressed with this. But she's 8, so 9 just doesn't seem all that big to her.

Kiddo: "Well, that's not very long." *makes unimpressed face*

Me: "Ok, well if you count the SEVEN YEARS Dad and I dated, we've been together 16 years now."

Kiddo: *strikes a movie star pose, hand on hip and tilted chin* "Now THAT, I can deal with." *flounce*

Good thing too, she doesn't have a choice!

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