Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweat, attempted pet suicide and rocks

After a hectic weekend, complete with a Saturday of Softball practice, birthday part #1 (ballet!) and birthday party #2 (inflatable jump houses!), a late bedtime and games with the family...well WHEW!

I didn't get to exercise until today! This morning, I slapped on the workout clothes, peeked in the mirror (I'm pretty sure my muffin top is shrinking!) and turned on the EA Active Wii game. For the first time, I put it on HARD, and worked up a serious sweat. I only did 20 minutes, so the calorie burn isn't super high. However, as hard as I worked, I'm 99% certain I'll be sore tomorrow, and that makes me say WOOOOO!!

After my shower, kiddo and I were cleaning out her fish tank. We've had Betta fish before, and they're jumpers so you have to always have a lid over their water, or they'll in inadvertently commit fish suicide. Well, right now we have "cloud neons" and we'd previously thought they'd had babies. Kiddo and I had looked and swore we saw microscopic fish in with the adults. We waited to clean the tank so the babies could grow a bit...but we haven't seen them since. Today was finally the day, it was GROSS in the tank and I was worried the adult fish wouldn't survive.

I dipped out a cup of the disgusting water, put the adults in it, and started searching for the babies. I called kiddo in, she's got the eagle eyes, and we searched and searched - held the tank up to the sunlight and babies anywhere. We finally came to the very sad conclusion that the adults had eaten them. I'm not sure this is the case, but I didn't see any tiny fish bodies floating around, so that's all I can figure.
Kiddo peeks on the adults, and suddenly I hear:
"Mom, where's the other fish?"
Um, excuse me!?? Sure enough, there's only one fish in the cup...there were 2 in there not five minutes before!!
We finally see a movement on the floor, and there he is! Flopping around desperately on the floor, gasping for air. We finally trapped him in the net and got him back into the water...a little worse for the wear, but dang, he scared us!

He has since returned to mostly normal. I do believe his fin was injured in the jump and rescue, but he's managed to figure out how to swim fairly evenly and I believe he'll be fine.

After the dramatic near suicide, kiddo went with a friend to a local rock and gem show. Sounds kind of eh for kids, right? Not so! My kiddo has always adored and collected rocks, and so this is right up her alley. Hubby took the girls, and they came back SO excited about the BAGS of rocks they got while there. From beautiful polished stones to sliced gorgeous translucent rocks, to thunder eggs, these girls are in heaven.

After heading outside with a hammer, goggles and hubby, they came back in with handfuls of crystals lining the rocks they'd cracked open.

SO COOL, and such a great way to wrap up the weekend!!

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