Friday, April 1, 2011

Mish mash I was taking a bath

Ok, not really, but I love that song, so I decided to make a little play on the lyrics
So, the big news first -


I am SO excited emoticon The scale hasn't moved much, but as I've learned from the fitness website I use, that's not always a sign that things aren't changing. I do find it interesting that my waist dropped as it did this last week or so, since it's a week where I haven't been able to do much exercise. You have to be extremely careful when allowing a foot tattoo to heal, and so I can't wear socks. It's still barely 60F and cold and rainy and who knows what else here, and I'm traipsing around in sandals because I can't have anything rubbing on my tattoo yet.
A week of painfully cold feet isn't fun, I'll tell you that! My other foot tattoo (as yet unplanned, but I'm sure will happen) will be in the summer so I don't run into this issue.

ANYWAY - so I've done a few barefoot workouts with my EA Active, and hoo boy, that sucker kicks my butt :) I did what felt like a decently easy workout for 30 minutes one day, and I was totally sore the next day! emoticon

Last night I went back to Bikram Yoga, planning to sit out a few of the poses where we're sitting on our feet, etc. Well...somehow I forgot that the majority of the floor exercises are sitting on your feet! I did a good half of the routine, but it kicked my butt. I think maybe I'm starting to come down with a cold, because a) I've been feeling icky during the day anyway, and b) I had to sit out way more of the poses than I wanted to. I was dizzy and nauseous (! for the first time!), and not sure why. I made sure to eat well but stop eating two hours before, drank tons of idea.

I was exhausted and sore afterward, which confused me a little since I was only participating about half the time. I love our instructor though - she's so encouraging and repeatedly told us not to judge ourselves based on what our neighbor was doing, what we think we should be able to do, what we did yesterday, etc. emoticon
Today I will go back, and today I will do my best to release my expectations and go with what I can do. Today I will be focused. today I will not worry about the fact that I'm in the front row (going to place my mat there again today, to push my boundaries).
I love that each day we can start again!
I've been trying to do better with my food choices, watching portions and eating more balanced meals and snacks, and I'm coming almost into line with what SP is reccomending for me. The calorie count makes sense for me, I eat until satisfied, then I track and notice that most days I'm falling exactly in the range of calories they're reccomending. In addition, the balance of carbs, proteins and fats is getting better! I used to load up on fat fat fat fat....not so anymore!! emoticon

On the haircolor front, I've kind of given up LOL I still don't like my haircolor, but a friend linked me to a blog with details of a thing called a Shampoo Train, where you can gently fade color from your hair. I can't do the prescribed routine of 4-6 treatments in a day, but I'm using the principles to try to fade my hair a little each day. We'll see, but I'm working on just coming to terms with it for now.

In other news, I think I'm going to grow my hair out again! Before New Year's (when I hacked it all off), my hair was below my bra strap. It was a lot of work, but it was gorgeous and I felt kind of sexy with it. I like my short, sassy hair, but as always happens when I cut it, I'm tired of it and I want my sexy swishy long hair back. Good thing I'm eating well and taking vitamins! It'll grow back healthy and strong, just like me!
Watching Tangled with the kiddo doesn't help with the long hair WANT either LOL

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